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Dr. John Arthur Wells, M.D., made $300,000 a year doctoring prisoners

Waco – Did you hear the one about the Odessa high school football coach who came home from a losing game, only to find for sale signs in his front yard?

True story. Look it up. They made a movie about it. They take it serious in these parts.

Now, then, it is a matter of record that Dr. John Arthur Wells, CEO of Melchizedek, P.L.L.C., a health care limited liability corporation, made a sizable amount of money doctoring folks locked up in McLennan County’s Bastille.

According to the HR Coordinator Stacy Brown, his first name is unavailable to the public. She’s nice about it, but just can’t seem to find out. Steve Kallas of the County Clerk’s office had no clue, either.

There are numerous listings in professional and legal directories for the Melchidezek organization, but no phone numbers are listed, and the phone company knows nothing other than it is located on N. 50th in Waco, Texas.

Reached for comment, Commissioner Kelly Snell, fresh from victory at the polls and headed for a lawsuit challenging his election in which about 600 persons received ballots with no option to vote in two County Commissioners elections, said, “We got something in here a couple of weeks ago saying he was going to change positions.”

Quizzed as to what that means, he said, “Well, he’s going to do something different, I guess.” He, too, had no idea what his phone number is.

There is no human contact available by placing phone calls to the County Jail. When an individual answered a phone attached to some kind of medical care facility there, she said, “We don’t have any of that information at this location.”

She was as angry as the lady in personnel and the dude in the clerk’s office.

Dr. Marshall McLuhan once wrote about a Soviet Union practice of providing no telephone directories or information services to patrons of the phone system, all of whom were government officials of that totalitarian government, naturally. Such information as to how to reach another human being by phone was under that system a part of the power totem wielded by control freaks on steroids.

Onward, through the fog, with apologies to Mr. Herb Caen.

Be it remembered, Wells proposed in 2014 that the County Commissioners Court “outsource” their jailhouse medical care needs to his limited liability corporation, but the fizzle fuddle flat-line futz and klutz moment passed while the motion faded away into the dim recesses of history in a two-step across the bridge over the Brazos to the heights of Jerusalem-on-the-Brazos as the columns of red advanced upon the heights above.

Many such corporations “outsource” their cash in anonymous hidey holes of the Caribbean, Asia, South Africa, Ireland, Switzerland and points out and out further out veiled by the corporate world of legal gobbledegook and the inner sanctum of nada, nada, nada be thy nada.

Just like Ray Wiley Hubbard’s redneck mothers, the limited liability corporations are NOT re-spon-si-ble for what they’re a-doin’, but we won’t talk about their mamas. We’ll give the ladies a break on this one.

Like the Doctor’s arrest for DWI in 2012, wherein a police officer said he found him “slumped over” in his Lexus, the gear shift in reverse and engine running after bouncing over a curb and coming to rest against some trees  in the 4700 block of Bosque Blvd., it was learned then and there that he is actually a diabetic and his blood alcohol content of .150 and .142 was only logical since alcoholic beverages are nothing more than rotten old sugar fermented and distilled as a solution of ether in water – oh, so very hard for the diabetic endocrinal system to assimilate.

More will no doubt emerge in the 1001 nights of the continuing crusade against crime that is the legacy, the saga of Sheriff Parnell McNamara’s administration of the Sheriff’s Office of McLennan.

We await the jive at five, here, in the deepest, darkest Bosque (Spanish for the “sticks”) at the hour of 16:17, CDT. No doubt, the quaity will ‘splain it all to us by and by.

So mote it be.

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