To petition the government…

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What you say here, who you see here, when you leave here, does not stay here…Hear. Hear. 

Portland, OR – Ammon Bundy is locked down for a minimum of 23 hours a day in a 6×6 solitary cell with a bean chute and a wooden bunk, according to his wife.

Neither he, nor seven co-defendants are likely to make bail any time soon. No bond has been set, and there are reasons for that, federal prosecutors say.

The reasons, when read in black and white, appear by turns as serious, tragicomic, Kafkaesque, draconian, or capricious. But they are still considered reason enough to deduct time spent seeing one’s attorney or getting medical attention from the one hour of exercise time allowed outside a solitary lock-down in the Multnomah County Jail.

That’s what folks who have pulled a federal jolt call jammed in a drum all day and all night, and it’s serious business. Other members of the Patriot community, charged with similar offenses elsewhere in the federal system, have been similarly treated as they awaited their trials.

The federal criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court by U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams is like a chapter out of any old out-west struggle with law an order, from the Wobblies to the Mormons, La Raza, the American Indian Movement, or the Seamen’s and Longshoremen’s unions.

Here’s a sampler:

Bundy addressed the media speaking for “Citizens for Constitutional Freedom.” In an appearance on a morning network news program, he said, “We are serious about being here. We are serious about defending our rights, and we’re serious getting some things straightened out…” Asked if his commitment would lead to violence, he said, “Only if the government wants to take it there.”

Williams and his staff filed a memorandum in support of pre-trial detention in the cases, stating, in part, “By its very nature, this offense demonstrates a remarkable inability on the part of all charged defendants to follow the law, and thus comply with the terms of court-ordered supervision.

In this case, all defendants deliberately and publicly disregarded repeated orders, requests, and pressure to obey the law over a sustained period of time.”

The charge: Violation of Title 18 U.S. Code Section 372, “Conspiring to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats…”

In the memo to the Court, the prosecutors characterized Dylan Anderson, whose call sign is “Captain Moroni,” as “unemployed, with no income.”

The inspiration to join the armed occupation was validated by God in the form of a flock of geese.”

Officers observed Anderson walking around the occupied Mahleur Wildlife Refuge headquarters armed with a rifle.

He told a news reporter, “I’m willing to die here.”

Social media podcaster Pete Santilli was recorded saying he had buried some weapons during a time when he was ordered to turn all firearms over to the law. There is no combination of conditions that will guarantee his appearance in Court, according to the prosecution staff.

Ryan Payne visited Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward many times during the build-up to the occupation. He and Bundy warned the Sheriff there would be “extreme civil unrest” if the government did not heed their call to free the Hammonds.

He gave an interview to a Missoula, Montana newspaper in which he described having counter sniper positions on top of all snipers, saying militia forces could have slain all federal snipers had they begun firing.

Bryan “Booda Bear” Cavalier has been characterized by a published report in the UK editions of the “Daily Mail” – which is hyperlinked in the memo – as one who has “stolen valor” by claiming to be a Marine veteran of the war in Afghanistan. According to the correspondent, the Bear responded to his questions and accusations by saying, “That’s unfortunate.”

Something they all have in common is that they have no community ties to people or jobs and no title to property in Oregon.

According to the government, their main loyalty, like all fighting men, is to one another. Prosecutors characterize their movements as that of a team of armed bodyguards surrounding Ammon Bundy. This is their chief reason in arguing that there is no combination of requirements or conditions that can guarantee they will appear in court to face the indictment.

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