Ranger calls for polygraphs for all


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Ranger Matt Cawthon, ex-Chief Deputy of McLennan Sheriff’s Office

Waco – In reaction to a broadcast television report that the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) cleared Sheriff Parnell McNamara and his staff of any wrong, ex-Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon differed.

According to Cawthon, “Anything Eubank says from here on in is a lie…I challenge any of them, including Parnell McNamara, Chris Eubank, or anyone else, to take a polygraph…I will if they will.”

He says the author of the TCOLE report, Sgt. Jason Hufstetler, related a confrontation between he and former Lieutenant Chris Eubank, who now works as a patrol supervisor with the rank of Sergeant, that “…never happened.”

In that investigation finding, the TCOLE investigator alleged that he, Cawthon, intercepted the documentation of McNamara’s passing part of the certification process for a Texas Peace Officer at the printer located in the office’s headquarters, 901 Washtington.

There, according to Hufstetler’s report, he quizzed Eubank about whether he, Eubank, had not, in fact, taken the preparatory courses required for the Sheriff to be allowed to sit for the final exam at Austin, and signed off on them on the computer in place of the Sheriff.

Because of a failure in the Sheriff’s printer at his auxiliary office located at the Bosqueville Community Center, Eubank obtained access to his e-mail account and had the documentation printed at the Sheriff’s Office headquarters.

The confrontation that is related in the TCOLE report is not the truth, said Ranger Cawthon.

The way Cawthon relates the confrontation with Eubank is that it took place while the two were seated in their patrol cars, driver’s window to window in the parking lot at Westview Shopping Center, located at the intersection of W. Waco Dr. and N. Valley Mills, as previously reported.

He told me he was being blackmailed by his girlfriend because she had a picture of him sitting at the Sheriff’s computer with a caption that said, “I made another 90.”

The reference, Cawthon says Eubank admitted, was to his having taken exams for McNamara.

Cawthon has said, once before, and now for the second time – for the record – that he advised Eubank to resign his position as a Lieutenant in charge of various duties, including attending to personnel matters, training records, and the like.

It is a matter of record that Eubank did, in fact, resign his position as a Lieutenant. It is a known fact that Cawthon had previously confronted him with evidence of what he considered a felony crime, that of tampering with a government document.

The Sheriff disagreed. After talking to Eubank, he agreed to re-hire him as a Sergeant supervising the night shift of Sheriff’s Office patrolmen who work from 6 pm to 6 am.

TCOLE investigated numerous other allegations, all of which were supported by the record, and found no evidence of any wrongdoing, according to the Hufstetler report.

We of RadioLegendary received extensive anonymous documentation of these and other allegations, much of which involved personnel disciplinary reports and records of employment termination due to misconduct.

We were able to authenticate this anonymous information, though much of it was deemed unsuitable for publication, due to length and space requirements.

In each case, information activist Randall Scott Gates made a public information act records request and received identical documentation from the Sheriff’s Office.

He initiated a complaint to TCOLE in January, 2015.

In his summary conclusion, the TCOLE investigator declared, “There is a lack of evidence to substantiate the claim Eubanks (sic) and Blossman took the Peace Officer Supplemental class for Sheriff McNamara…The portion of the complaint that addresses Chris Eubank shredding a TCOLE F5 (report of termination due to misconduct) is unfounded…”

He concluded that, “Shredding the incorrect version of an F5 is not a TCOLE violation. This case will be closed as lack of evidence.”

In his investigation, Sgt. Hufstetler, quoted Sheriff McNamara indirectly, saying, “Sheriff McNamara told us he had numerous problems with Cawthon wanting to run things his way and Cawthon ultimately resigned.”

When questioned by RadioLegendary, Sheriff McNamara said one day in the distant past, “I don’t know what went wrong with Matt; I gave him the best-paying job I have, and he got mad at me and quit.”

We of RadioLegendary wish to make it clear that all copy generated in these columns was in pursuit of what, exactly, took place to cause this disaffection because the notion that they had differing notions of the style of law enforcement to be pursued, or personality differences, is extremely vague. They campaigned for the job as a matched set. We set out to examine the causes and conditions that led to their disaffection. The overall thrust of the series was to discover the issues surrounding that occurrence.

Stockholders would expect more from the CEO and Executive Vice President of a public corporation, where money, marbles and chalk are down on the trading floor every day, and the bottom line is the bottom line.

With a multimillion dollar budget, more than 300 employees, a large investment in infrastructure and equipment, pension funds, and all the impedimenta that goes with its five constitutionally defined duties, this diversified subsidiary corporation is no different.

It is ironic that it will require a public information act request to receive confirmation of this conclusion of the TCOLE investigation. Once again, government chooses to not recognize social media as part of the media. What else is new?

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