Midland Man drops suit over visits with his kids

Stephen Warren

Stephen Warren has for 8 years been denied visits with his daughters

Midland – A man who has fought the denial of supervised visits with his children dropped a lawsuit against Family Place (FPL, Inc.), of Dallas, according to his attorney.

John Klassen, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney who represents a builder named Stephen Warren, said that under the terms of the agreed settlement, Warren stipulated he will pay the legal fees of the visitation center’s employee, Christina Coultas, and will not pursue allegations of contempt against the non-profit organization.

Divorced from his wife Leslie Bird in 2005, Warren obtained a standard possession order as a joint managing conservator of his three children in a jury trial. A Dallas State District Court Judge who was acting as a visiting judge at the time modified his custodial rights by requiring strictly supervised visits when his wife first alleged he committed an aggravated sexual assault against her, then later leveled the same allegation against him for the forcible rape of their oldest daughter.

In both cases, prosecutors were unable to substantiate her allegations and declined to prosecute after first obtaining indictments.

A lawsuit alleging 121 separate counts of contempt of court against his former spouse is still pending a hearing on numerous matters, including a Bill of Review that stem from Leslie Bird’s refusal to allow him to visit, participate in decisions regarding his children’s health care, and other alleged violations of the original decree of divorce.

The Odessa law firm of Cynthia Clack and Lane Haygood obtained permission from the judge to be relieved as attorneys of record for reasons unexplained.

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