Meth pipes tip law to bomb in pickup truck

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Recovered meth addicts say smoking crystal is like sticking the devil’s penis in your mouth. It does something to you – no turning back. Ouch!

Waco – Bryce Powers was visibly nervous after he nearly ran a Sheriff’s Deputy off the road near the Delmar Ranch on Highway Six. That was about 4 pm on Friday afternoon, Feb 5.

Jeff Aguirre, who drives an unmarked Tahoe with concealed lights, is a plainclothesman for the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, organized crime division. He didn’t much appreciate it when the black pickup that passed him in a no passng zone forced his SUV off the traveled part of a very broad highway.

He brought the driver to a screeching halt; he asked Powers for permission to search the truck. Permission denied, he radioed for backup.

Aguirre could see two of the kind of glass pipes used to smoke methamphetamine crystals on the floorboard of Powers’ truck. According to an arrest affidavit, that’s probable cause to turn the world upside down. Inside, he found an “explosive device,” and summoned the bomb squad. They x-rayed the infernal machine and declared it a prohibited weapon.

By the time darkness fell, thousands of impatient rush hour weekend commuters were forced to detour by a circuitous route on County roads that left a huge dust cloud and chains of blaring headlights traveling narrow, battered back roads out of route for many miles while the Bomb Squad did its thing.

Powers, charged with the third degree felony offense, posted a $10,000 surety and walked out of the County lockup on Saturday.

We have no picture of the bomb, nor do we have a mugshot of Powers. The protectors of public information at the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office are locked in the struggle to obtain a legal opinion from lawyers located all along the I-35 access corridor, from Six Shooter Junction to Ostentatious, just to make sure that the news game remains one of the most competitive businesses on the face of the planet. So, we stole these off the internet – fair and square. So mote it be.

– The Legendary Jim ParksScreen Shot 2016-02-11 at 7.20.01 AM

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