No grave to hold Barbie’s bones – her soul – down

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Two-mile bridge, Lake Tawakoni – the road runs into the Sabine

 No one is looking, except for a grieving sister who demands justice and two unknown males from a dream world.

They say dreams tell you things.. In the last week I have had two dreams about Carey. In both there were two unknown males helping me. The first one, I was at a big drainage pipe that carried sewage, but it was mostly in solids. They flushed out these pipes every so often and would take it to dump someplace. This huge pipe though was out in the country cause I could see nothing but fields all around. I was digging through this sewage for my sister’s bones.

She has dreamed about it twice in a week, her mind demanding answers in a dream state, putting together facts from a real world narrative no one in authority will investigate. This is the way it goes.

The dream last night was different. I was underwater by the two mile bridge looking, finding nothing I came up and next thing I know I was walking across the new bridge to the other side of the lake. I stopped at a different bridge, but the water seemed shallow. Two guys came and shoveled out an area of sludge.

Patricia Gager’s sister Carey disappeared one day after leaving work in Terrell, leaving no trace – until you get to talking, and listening, to those who insist they know better. There is a lot to know, even more to hear, including how she went to a party, confronted her ex-lover who says they didn’t have a “fight fight,” an acquaintance who seems convinced she, along with her car, is buried in the equipment yard of septic tank service her ex’s parents operate.

They uncovered Carey’s car. Inside were Carey’s belongings and her bones. My emotions were very raw at this discovery. I cried for her, for mom and dad and my brother and her kids so hard I couldn’t talk and was hyperventilating. The bones were small, but intact. They were the size of a Barbie doll. Someone with all the say came by and looked at her and determined she hadn’t drowned. When they all finished I took my sister and carefully wrapped her up putting her in my shirt to protect her. Something I couldn’t do in life. I hid her under my shirt all the way home. Last thing I recall was contacting the funeral home for burial for my tiny sister and asking for the missing stone to be removed so I could put a new one down Carey Mae Parker May 12, 1967 – March 17, 1991…… I can only hope this means she will be coming home soon. I don’t know how, since nobody is looking and I have no means or the law on my side….

There is more, including allegations she went to an allegedly corrupt constable who in collusion with a Justice of the Peace blocked investigations or collected tribute, or both, for methamphetamine cooks and dealers and addicts.

There is a Sheriff whose staff refuses to investigate or take DNA samples – or do much of anything.

Someone with all the say determined she hadn’t drowned. She wrapped her sister up in her shirt to protect her, something she couldn’t do in real life.

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The rape of the Sabine women – Giambologna

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