$265 million estimated cost of trying Twin Peaks cases indicted so far

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In the Tinseltown motorcycle fable, “The Wild One,” Johnny and Chino rumbled in a town resembling Hollister, where the top outlaw rider repeated the phrase, “I don’t make no deals with no cops…”

Waco – A Houston attorney representing a Twin Peaks defendant estimated in a motion for the “earliest possible” trial setting that it will require $265 million and a minimum of two years to try the 106 cases of engaging in organized criminal activity indicted thus far.

Paul Looney based his estimate on a figure of $1,500 per hour to try a felony case in Harris County District Courts, assuming a three-day duration of each trial, at $2.5 million, gavel to gavel.

Based on his argument before the 19th District Court, it is becoming very easy for the relatively unsophisticated observer to discern a method to the madness of the mass arrests of 177 persons charged with the identical offense, with no individualization or particularity of probable cause.

The McLennan County criminal justice system stood to gain some hefty cash by arresting 177 persons on a bond of $1 million, housing them in a commercially operated jail at $45.50 per inmate per day, and requiring their compliance in wearing electronic monitoring bracelets at a cost of hundreds of dollars upon installation, and more than $100 each month.

It adds up.

But defense attorneys insist their clients are uninterested in pleading guilty to other charges and will not contemplate a guilty plea to such a vaguely worded indictment for a first degree felony.

Anyone with any legal savvy in the criminal justice field soon realizes that McLennan County officials have shot themselves in the foot by overwhelming their system with very problematic, highly contentious criminal litigation that won’t go away any time soon.

They should have watched the movie. That’s what the 52-50 Club was teaching the local yokels post World War II in the Big Valley of California.

Looney’s motion may be viewed by clicking here:

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