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While cliché, there is merit in the theory that you can tell a government official in McLennan County is lying if their lips are moving. – R.S. Gates in a complaint to the AG’s office

Jerusalem-on-the-Brazos – Legal wrangles come and go, but this one is starting to reach epic proportions.

Public information activist R.S. Gates sought the full text of a message sent by Brittney Lannen to Chief Prosecutor Michael Jarrett on June 1 concerning an offer to have clients who were arrested following the Twin Peaks massacre and held on $1 million bond for engaging in organized criminal activity sign hold harmless agreements against the City of Waco and McLennan County in return for a bond reduction.

His June 1 request has been delayed, thwarted, spurned, and pigeonholed for four months until – finally – Assistant Attorney General Lance Kutnick determined yesterday, Tuesday, October 13, that furnishing only Jarrett’s response of demurral turning down her offer as illegal and improper is insufficient.

In his determination, Kutnick wrote, “Mr. Gates requested a text message(s) that discussed bond reductions for suspects in the biker shooting. He was provided a transcription. In addition, the transcription only included a response from Mr. Michael Jarret to Brittney Lannen. It did not include the content of the message from Lannen to Jarret. This response does not seem to comply with the Public Information Act or the ruling by the Attorney General. The District Attorney Office should provide a screen shot of the entire text message to Mr. Gates.

“The McLennan County District Attorney has four days after receipt of this notice to cure the alleged violation(s). The McLennan County District Attorney office should provide a screenshot of the entire text message to Mr. Gates.”

It’s a sticky wicket due to the fact that the offer was discussed at a meeting attended by both Criminal District Judges, a former District Judge from a neighboring jurisdiction, several other defense attorneys, and members of the DA’s staff. The matter generated much publicity at the time – the kind that stretches from coast to coast. After all, Justice of the Peace Pete Peterson had been quoted far and wide saying he set bond at $1 million to “send a message.”

That’s illegal.

Due to conflicting media reports – the legitimate, mainstream, embedded, credit flow-plan, banker-controlled merchandising media and them wild-eyed hog-riding fools of the blogosphere – our Mr. Gates elected to get to the bottom of the controversy by hurling an invective, the prosaic Public Information Act request.

It has resulted in at least one threat by Assistant District Attorney Sterling Harmon to have District Attorney Abel Reyna swear out a criminal trespassing warrant to enjoin Gates from darkening the prosecution shop’s door.

Kutnick, writing from the Bat Cave on the Colorado, informed the DA that his only remaining legal remedy is to file suit in a Travis County District Court – pick one, any one will do – to challenge his determination, and thereby seek relief to keep from having to disclose the text message that will undoubtedly open a can of worms, the one containing the slippery, disgusting worms labeled, “We held folks hostage under an impossibly high bail set to punish them for coming to a political meeting about pending handgun legislation.”

That’s the open carry handgun legislation that passed later, after the 9 dudes were shot down by police rifle fire, 20 more wounded, and 177 charged with the identical, vague conspiratorial charge of engaging in organized criminal activity that is unsupported by any specific elements of probable cause other than they attended a meeting at which some folks wore clothing with certain patches of distinctive color and design affixed by needle and thread thereon.

That legislation, yes.

That can of worms, yes, the one the learned Levites are hoping – praying – does not lead to a federal Grand Jury probe leading to a conviction for a RICO statute predicate offense and subsequent civil actions on behalf of the 177 persons jailed under those highly questionable circumstances.

Reached for comment, Senator Phineas Flugelhorn said, “Between the begets and begats and the jumping Johosephats, it come to pass that the Children of Israel were in bondage, down in Egypt. Just answer the question, boy. Just answer the question!”

Like, a pogrom is a pogrom, but so is a federal case – any old day.

So mote it be.

Your move. (And, this news is captured…etc.) That is, dost thou remember what happened to friend Lennon? Frightful, yes. Brought a slogan to a gunfight? Pity.


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