Two-minute visit in defiance of family law

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Rockwall County – scene of multi-jurisdictional, multi-suit divorce action involving both serious criminal and civil actions 

Dallas – A tip top team of troubleshooting legal talent has their sights set on breaking up a cabal of corporate, government, legal and political conspirators bent on denying an estranged father the legal comfort of unsupervised visitation with his children following entry of a March 1, 2011 default court order his opponents obtained based on an allegation now proven untrue.

When at high noon on Sunday, September 27, 2015, Midland builder Stephen Warren appeared after a five-hour drive from Odessa for a second two – hour supervised visit at a certified visitation center called FLP Family Place in the 8900 block of Harry Hines Boulevard, right around the corner from Brookhollow Golf Club and Trammel Crow’s 1950’s-era golden-age flagship industrial development on Regal Row, an official there named Christina Coultas allowed him only two minutes in the presence of his daughters, half the amount of time – four minutes – she had previously on September 13. According to Warren, he was allowed to speak to his two daughters only long enough to tell them he loves them very much, before they were escorted out of the room by Ms. Coultas. Within seconds, Warren heard laughter coming from the hallway.

Said Lane Haygood, co-counsel for Warren, “This is a very disturbing development, especially in light of our pleadings regarding parental alienation, and our concerns regarding abuse of the oldest child by ‘Poppy’ as set out in the affidavit. We are going forward with speed and all determination.”

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Christina Coultas, staff member at FLP Family Place, Dallas

Warren is obliged to seek visitation at FLP because when his ex-wife, Leslie Cavanaugh Bird of Rockwall, sued him on in early 2011, to modify the parental-child relationship, her lawyers falsely claimed he was nowhere to be found and could not be made available to answer the suit. On March 1, 2011, Leslie Bird’s lawyer got a court order that Warren’s visitation must be supervised by FLP for a maximum of four hours per month.

The truth was that Warren was flat on his back in a Midland hospital where a pair of prowlers attempted to kill him by flatlining his vital signs through manipulation of his pain killer medication meter following a plane crash that broke his spine. One of three such narrow escapes, it was only one of three attempts on his life. The plane lost power due to a piston compression problem at 500 feet on climb-out. An entire house in Highland Park exploded into flames when he hooked up ceiling fans and threw the breakers.

On March 1, 2011, the visiting judge found “credible evidence” that Warren “has a history or pattern of sexual abuse directed against one or both of the children.” The truth is that in an affidavit, his ex-wife is the sole accuser who alleged an aggravated sexual assault of her oldest daughter. This resulted in an indictment dismissed by a special prosecutor “in the interest of justice” when he learned he could not prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury panel.

Warren developed an allegation that his daughter at the age of five had suffered repeated sexual assaults by a mysterious individual known only as “Poppy.” She said so in a video Warren recorded of her.

When he presented this evidence to an Assistant DA, the man neglected to prosecute. The DA himself later was unable to carry out the task. One committed suicide; the other was convicted for a financial offense in office.

When David Rohlf, the lead counsel for Mrs. Bird, presented the case he falsely informed the Court that Bird had been indicted for the sexual assault of his daughter, but omitted the fact that the charge had been dismissed on December 30, 2010, the motion of the prosecutor to dismiss the indictment.

FLP disallowed his visits in 2014 because staff falsely claimed he either had not returned, or filled out incompletely an “intake packet” required for visits.

Lawsuits are pending for perjury in both cases, a criminal charge in the former. His ex-wife faces five and a half years behind county jail bars if convicted for contempt of court violations on amended pleadings. A criminal defense lawyer, Chuck Miller has made a motion to seal the records of the judge’s in camera interview with Warren’s two daughters and academic records subpoenaed from the school district.

Stephen Warren

Stephen Warren

When you examine Stephen Warren’s criminal record, the facts become clear that he has been falsely accused of aggravated sexual assault twice – once against his ex-wife, the second against his daughter, the alleged violation of a protective order in 2003, probation for which he was not able to satisfy until 2008 due once again to numerous alleged violations of the terms and conditions of probation, and a single arrest for theft by worthless check authorities dismissed when he made the check good.

His lawyers believe he is not the crook. They think he is the butt of a criminal conspiracy designed to control the lives of his children by gaming the system and the rule of law; they have come to play for money, marbles and chalk in order to find out why.

This ought to be good.

So mote it be.


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