The eighth day of the fourth blood moon

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Aspasia of Miletus, Athenian consort of Pericles, to whom Plato ascribed the Socratic method of instruction through questions 

Dallas – Observe.

Will the Cyprian mother, a devotee to the cult of Aphrodite, allow her divorced husband to visit his daughters on Sunday, September 27, 2015? Yes, or no. A Court has ordered just such a supervised visit, but a previously scheduled two-hour outing on September 13 fell through when an employee of Family Place Visitation Center had one of the girls read a prepared statement declaring she and her sister did not wish to see their father.

The entire episode – a first in seven and one-half years – lasted a total of four minutes.

Cult watchers who are knowledgeable about the numerology of the date and year, the astronomical portent of the planet and moon, are sitting on tenter hooks in anticipation. To some, it’s that big a deal.

There could hardly be a more auspicious day for watching the Cyprian parade between the raindrops – September 27, 2015 – the eighth day and the fifth following Yom Kippur of the fourth blood moon in the high holy days of 2014-2015 following Rosh Hashanna.

Three threes are nine; nine threes are twenty-seven, and 2015 is only the fourth year in recorded history in which the moon will have reached its perigee in diametric opposition to the Earth in its orbit of the Sun to totally eclipse its image and turn it to a dramatic shade of blood red on the fourth high holy day between Passover and Sukkoth, the day of Tabernacles.

The year 1492 in which there were also four blood moons saw the Spanish Expulsion of the Chosen People and Christopho Columbus’ claim of the New World; 1948 brought the statehood of Israel through a resolution of the Security Council of the United Nations following a bitter war for the liberation of Palestine spurred by the finance of two world wars; the Six-Day War of 1967 occurred in just such a year of solar systemic rarity, and 2015 is expected by some historical observers to yield a cataclysmic set of changes of financial and political conditions worldwide.

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So it is with trepidation that attorneys, legal researchers and investigators are watching to see if Leslie Cavanaugh Bird allows her two daughters, girls of the age of bat mitzvah, to see their father Stephen Warren on Sunday, September 27, at high noon. She faces a possible penalty of five and one-half years behind County Jail bars for her defiance of court orders to allow her ex-husband to see his daughters in a contempt action unfolding at this time.

She has twice previously leveled first degree felony charges of aggravated sexual assault of both herself and her daughter against her former husband – both of which indictments were dismissed by the prosecutor and the District Judge in the interest of justice when it was learned there was no way to prove up her allegations, as expressed in her affidavits of complaint.

It’s only a small part of an ongoing saga of – ah, sticky – litigation that stretches back 12 years, involving side issues of perjury against the visitation center, the criminal contempt of court action of current issue, and former allegations of non-support against the father.

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Mrs. Bird has had some identification with the Aspasian Craft Fair at Rockwall, where she and her family live. It’s carried out in the tradition of the grande dame of Athenian society, Aspasia, a courtesan from the Anatolian Greek city of Miletus with whom Pericles became smitten and fathered a son, divorced his wife, and eventually caused a change in the city state’s laws to allow the legitimization of his marriage to an immigrant from a foreign land, thus assuring the political future of the son she had so carefully groomed for a future in public policy.

It’s the ultimate study in power relations. As such, it is known as the Cyprian movement in Western thought, the feminine side of a tradition in which the liberation of the gender originated with women who were forced to take on the role of prostitutes in order to get ahead in the great scheme of society in matters involving everything from finance to fashion and items of personal adornment, changes originated among the professional women who dedicated their live to being – well – professional women.

As a for instance, what passed for what is known as “gentleman’s clubs” in the ancient Mediterranean world were then known as “temples” dedicated to goddesses and demigoddesses in which acolytes and oracles accepted “love offerings” from their admirers and worshipful adherents.

Aspasia’s legendary accomplishments in the art of conversation were heralded by Plato in the Socratic dialogues, in which the interlocutor feigns a certain – submissive – humility in knowing so little while asking tremendous questions of the person to be thus instructed by the hammer blow of an iron fist in a velvet glove, when, at long last, the teacher turned student is finally skewered by the logic of the interlocutor, the one who so humbly kept to his or her place throughout the foregoing dialogue.

Aspasia’s influence over Pericles was otherwise satirized in certain accounts of what are thought to have been fictional lawsuits in which she was held out as the respondent accountable for Athenian engagement in protracted and unpopular wars of foreign adventure.

It is of note that Socrates was ordered to drink poison and thus take his own life for his role in corrupting the youth of the city though his teaching methods.

The proceeds of the Aspasian Craft Fairs, which are held near the time of the Autumnal and Vernal Equinoxes each year, are devoted to providing scholarships for deserving high school graduates headed for higher education. This year’s Autumnal fair is scheduled for Shabbat, October 10, the birthdate of the Gregorian Calendar and the date of the Wuchang Uprising, catalyst of the Xinhai Revolution against the Qing Dynasty to establish the Republic of China in 1911. The Vernal celebration was held on Shabbat, April 25.

Prior to any mention in these columns of the case of Steven Warren in the interest of his minor children and the contempt action against his former wife, Mrs. Bird had posted on her Facebook page several posters about the Aspasian Craft Fair. Now that they have been removed, one begs the question, “Why?”

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And so the Cyprian tradition is carried forward in matters both political and cosmic, with a strong tradition of the observance of the erotic in all matters of human affairs extending throughout Western thought, especially the Victorian period of Impressionism in painting and sculpture.

The total eclipse of the moon that will occur during the early hours of September 28, the Eighth Day, is seen by many in the spiritual community as a perfect time for witchcraft and spell casting aimed at aggrandizing power both spiritual and legal, political and social, through dominance of the laws of nature and defiance of the legal orders  of man.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

So mote it be.


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