Twin Peaks bikers bow out of examining trials, get bond modifications

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Jacob Wilson, sergeant at arms for the Waco Chapter of Cossacks, displays ankle newly freed from a bracelet monitor 

Waco – Prosecutors are establishing a pattern of give and take in the Twin Peaks cases stemming from a deadly shootout that occurred here on May 17.

Two key defendants out of the 177 charged with engaging in organized criminal activity chose to waive their right to a pre-indictment examining trial today. Both received modification of their bond conditions in an agreement with the DA’s office.

Neither retired Visiting Judge James Morgan, nor prosecutors would reveal the terms of the new bond conditions ordered in the cases of Daniel Pesina, who was still jailed as of Wednesday, August 19, or John R. Wilson, President of the Waco Chapter of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club and proprietor of Legend Cycles, 6514 Interstate 35 South.

Workers in the District Clerk’s office said it will be some time next week before the motions and orders are processed and available for public information.

The hearing was delayed for the better part of an hour while deputies at the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office prepared Pesina for transfer to the Annex Courtroom downtown from the Highway Six lockup.

As the delay progressed, defense counsel and prosecutors reached an agreement.

Said Judge Morgan, “Well, at least I got a good lunch out of it,” as he packed his briefcase for his return home.




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