The fight for guns begins in the mind, takes place at the door, ends in court


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Buddy Wayne Webb

Buddy Wayne Webb says he wasn’t shot with his own gun…

To hear a provocative audio interview of a man stripped of his right to keep and bear arms for life, who claims he was ambushed in his own home, shot and left for dead, click here:

Midland, Texas – When they come for your guns – and it’s clear that’s what they want – it will likely be as a result of some evolution of a bitterly contested divorce, child custody dispute, or domestic disturbance call.

Knowledgeable court observers with subject matter expertise in this out-west bastion of rock-ribbed Republican conservatism say nothing less than the bedrock, fundamental principle of armed defense of home and hearth through deadly force, when necessary, without retreat, is at stake.

And that’s the liberal, minority report. You ought to hear what the conservatives have to say about it.

If you don’t have that right, you don’t have any others; I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by six – and other gems of conventional wisdom come to mind. What’s more, Constitutional scholars agree that James Madison could never have gained ratification of the U.S. Constitution of 1790 had not the right to keep and bear arms been included, to the liking of legislators from the western states.

When a three-judge panel sitting at Eastland, Texas, in the 11th District Court of Appeals rules on a lifetime protective order against Buddy Wayne Webb, their decision – come what may – will enter the common law regarding a man’s defense of his castle with the archetypal symbol of equality and self-determination, the gun.

Buddy Wayne says he wasn’t shot with his own gun on January 28, 2012; the cops say he was, that his crippling wound was self-inflicted in a misadventure involving a booby trap. rigged with his own 12-gauge shotgun.

In numerous documents he has released publicly, Midland Police refer to him as “the paranoid schizophrenic Buddy Wayne Webb.”

According to his appeals attorney, a Board Certified specialist in Texas Family Law, “There has never been any diagnosis for that.”

A veteran female police investigator who is a childhood friend of Lori Schlagal, Webb’s ex-wife of three months, Detective Rosa Rodriguez, noted in her initial report dated January 28, 2012, that when she arrived at the residence,  in a laundry room adjacent to the interior door leading to the garage, she found “The shotgun had a tripwire and it appeared the shotgun was set up every night.”

When she contacted his soon-to-be ex-wife as next of kin, “she was not surprised,” she recalled. She had heard it all before, she told the police woman. That’s why she took her kids and left.

They were in the midst of a bitter divorce involving all the totemic symbols of money, marbles and chalk, and furthermore, “Lori advised Buddy goes to the psychiatrist…” He also would not let her come inside the home.

Indeed, there were multiple wires tying doors shut, numerous remote cameras and a pressure pad activated burglar alarm. Black electrical tape covered the hinges on cabinet doors and doors to rooms in the home.

“Buddy had tripped off the wire on the shotgun and accidentally shot his right ankle.

To this day, as on the night he was shot, dispatchers advise fellow officers not to make an entry to the home without first having the bomb squad clear the dwelling. Their documents show they have classified him as a Native American of Eskimo tribal origin.

A transcript of a hastily called hearing over a lifetime protective order before then Family Law 318th District Court Judge Dean Rucker revealed her testimony that Webb shot himself with his own gun, a firearm rigged as a booby trap, wired to a door.

When the judge heard that, he ruled a total loss of Webb’s right to keep and bear firearms – for life.

The case that is pending in the appeals court is based on two points, that the application of the statute is overly broad, and thus unconstitutional, and that the statute as applied is improper because the Legislature had acted in the interim to amend the law.

“That’s the way they see it,” said Webb. “The way I see it was that it was an attempted capital murder. I was not shot with my own gun.”

He has published hundreds of documents on-line on his Facebook page, and dozens of YouTube videos alleging there are tunnels under his home, that police are in collusion with top government officials and petroleum industry luminaries to run human trafficking rackets, money laundering scams and drug smuggling rings.

in an interview, he alleged that he believes he had trapped a home invader in an unused bathroom the door of which he had secured with fencing wire, that an unknown person he suspects may have been a police officer shot him, and then freed the person so trapped. He points to extensive damage to the door he had thusly secured, and the fact that a chain of custody of evidence receipt submitted for the Winchester Model 1200 12-bore pump gun is dated a scant six minutes after the acknowledged time of the shooting.

Whew! Hot, ain’t it? Did I mention that the Buddy Wayne Webb residence is located across the alley from a major shopping center, a scant quarter-mile from the fabled Wal-Mart Super Center, closed for plumbing repairs and rumored to be somehow connected to a super secret special ops evolution called Jade Helm 15 (Joint Assistant Defense Exercise – Homeland Eradication Local Militants)?

And then there are the time-stamped surveillance video images of persons who appear to be police officers inside his home, going through dresser drawers and closets…

One may read a previously published report by clicking here:

3 thoughts on “The fight for guns begins in the mind, takes place at the door, ends in court”

  1. This is Lori Schlagal & there are legal implications for both Mr. Webb & this publishing company for printing my name ANYWHERE without my prior consent. I expect my name be removed immediately from ALL publishings & is not printed again from this company.

    1. It’s a pleasure to hear from you, Ms. Schlagal. I obtained your name from an official police report, a public document obtained from the City of Midland under procedures outlined by the Texas Public Information Act. The information quoted therein is the supposition and finding of a certified peace officer. Frankly, I do not see the problem, but if you insist, I will indeed see you in court – with counsel – prepared for a judgment to obtain reasonable attorney’s fees. Thank you, and good day to you. Very Truly, The Legendary Jim Parks

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