Official Waco’s war on the First Amendment in the terse, turgid prose of the briefs filed so far

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Six Shooter Junction – Once upon a time, some bikers decided to drink a beer at a bar by the freeway and catch up on the politics of handgun law as contemplated by the Texas Legislature.

Seemed like the thing to do, since both the U.S. and Texas Constitutions guarantee a freedom to freely express one’s ideas in speech and writing, and to peacefully assemble with others with whome one may choose.

Now comes The State of Texas, by and through its Office of the Criminal District Attorney of McLennan County, and would humbly show unto WE THE PEOPLE that those laws do not apply when it comes to bombastic and hyperbolic charges filed on those who so choose.

None of those laws are even in the same league, much less the ball park, according to a response to a petition for an emergency writ of mandamus filed by an attorney who along with his client has been enjoined to keep his mouth shut about the facts of the case…

Dig the lingo, the local bebop in the dialect of high glaze…

The State –

State’s response to emergency petition for writ of mandamus filed 7/30/15:

In the wake of the violence, there was a heavy traffic of outlaw biker gang members traveling to the Waco area, and law enforcement intelligence had discovered that a “green light” had been given by certain criminal organizations to take retribution against law enforcement and/or members of rival gangs.

The Apostate –

Reply to state’s response to emergency petition for writ of mandamus :

The State’s Response Brief (“State’s Brief”) actually highlights almost everything that is wrong with the “gag order” in this case. Indeed, it purports to give this Court “facts” of the case that it claims are “facts” because these “facts are “what [is] “commonly known through press reports….For example, despite the fact that Mr. Clendennen belongs to the Scimitars Motorcycle Club, the State cites its own repeated press conferences in order to allow it to repeatedly refer to these “clubs” as “five outlaw biker gangs…Indeed, the word “gang” appears in the State’s brief ten times in an apparent attempt to prejudice this Court…”