Bomb scare knocks out biker funeral service on the square at Six Shooter

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Organizers vow to announce a “fourth wave” memorial…

Waco – Bikers mourning the loss of 9  members of rival clubs cut down by police sniper fire following a violent melee at Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17 obediently fled the scene of a suspected bomb attack at the order of Sheriff Parnell McNamara on Saturday, August 22.

The “Third Strike” memorial service organized by the Sons of Liberty Riders had hardly begun with the National Anthem, prayer and a pledge of allegiance to the U.S. Flag. Suddenly, word came that someone had abandoned a suitcase, what appeared to be a backpack, and an ice chest on the corner of N. 5th St. at Washington Avenue, across the street from the Alico Building.

The occurrence cut short a planned event in which Dallas Attorney F. Clinton Broden was unable to deliver an address regarding the gag order that prevents him from speaking of the Twin Peaks case against his client and 177 others identically charged with the conspiracy results offense of “engaging in organized crime” that caused a capital murder.

Several hundred bikers remounted their Harley-Davidsons and roared away disappointed, some cursing McNamara where he stood on the corner of Washington at 6th, others giving him the thumbs up sign of respect.

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office officials gave no word of whether the abandoned suitcase and coolers held any explosive materials.

A minister intoned scripture directed to mourners, “whether you’re out there,” as he gestured to the McLennan County Courthouse parking lot,” or over there, and gestured toward rival club members standing under the shade of pecan trees on the corner of building,  the divided camps of Cossacks and Bandidos, as well as members of their support clubs, keeping a respectful distance between one another.

The disjointed, confused scene resembled nothing more than look-see pidgin from some third world cultural war between clashing clans, kith and kin, as police cordoned off the courthouse square, controlling traffic from all directions and bomb disposal technicians began the dangerous work of clearing the potentially deadly material that might possibly be concealed in the abandoned luggage and the ice chest.

Ironically, an old baby blue upright piano sitting in a mini-park on the Bank of America mobile banking lot was situated directly in one of the only available camera angles. Emblazoned above its keyboard, the words, “PLAY SOMETHING” caught the eye as the bomb squad worked to remove the suspected material.

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