DA’s dad served as Grand Jury Commissioner

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The McLennan District Clerk just confirmed through a public information act request that former 10th District Court of Appeals Justice Felipe Reyna served as a Grand Jury Commissioner or the January – June 2015 term of the 54th District Criminal Court.

Judge Matt Johnson at first order an extension of the term of the Grand Jury so selected in order that it may hear the evidence in the 177 cases of engaging in organized criminal activity filed following the May 17 shoot-out at Twin Peaks Restaurant.

In that melee, which happened outside a Confederation of Clubs meeting about to convene inside the “breastaurant,” 9 died, 20 wounded and Waco Police arrested the 177 persons so charged.

Within two days, Judge Johnson had changed his mind, and he ordered the Grand Jury be selected at random from the rolls of registered voters, in accordance with a recent act of the Legislature.


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