Legendary requests Twin Peaks bond reduction agreements with DA

Twin Peaks

Waco – RadioLegendary reporter R.S. Gates made a Public Information Act request for bond agreements accomplished between prosecutors and defense attorneys.

In response to a published report in which 19 Criminal District Court Judge Ralph Strother said, The DA’s office is going to make a good-faith effort to try to work out some agreements on bond reductions,” Strother said. “I would welcome any agreements the DA and the attorneys are able to reach,” Gates requested “access to public information related to bond reductions of people charged in the Twin Peaks incident.”

Three members of an Austin Club, The Vise Grips, were released on reduced bond of $25,000 after their attorney Jonathan Sibley made arrangements with the court.

The public information requests stipulates, “While excepted information is not sought by this request, requestor is relying on good faith effort to furnish responsive information.”

The request is in response to allegations made by defense attorneys from the Looney & Conrad law firm of Houston, that prosecutors demanded a hold harmless agreement between defendants and the Waco Police, the Sheriff’s Office and the DA’s Office that acknowledges the right for the agencies to arrest and charge them with engaging in organized criminal activity, a first degree felony offense.

A chief element of the crime is that the defendant operated knowingly with a member of a criminal combination – whether known to the actor personally or not – to commit acts of a criminal nature. In the cases of 170 persons so detained following the May 17 shooting that left 9 dead and 18 wounded, an aggravating circumstance is that the alleged misconduct led to capital murder.


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