KC Massey’s Medical Complications


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Brownsville – KC Massey III in a telephone interview with Lisa Bacchi of World Integrity Network News said he feels like he was “hit in the back with a baseball bat” due to a kidney infection.

He and his men of “Rusty’s Rangers’ were detained by federal officers for patrolling the Mexican border with firearms. They later charged Massey with a firearms violation.

Massey was remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marsha’s Service when he failed to give a urine specimen at the time of a pre-trial conference in early June. He is slated to stand a jury trial in early August for felon in possession of a firearm, a federal charge, in U.S. District Court. Border Patrol, FBI agents and ATF officers arrested him for the violation in April.

He has made numerous requests for medical attention , but a doctor who makes calls to the Cameron County lockup has yet to see him. So far, the authorities have given him an antibiotic that makes him sick to his stomach to combat the condition which is characterized by blood and protein in his urine.

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