Sheriff’s Patrol supervisor’s lies about vehicle pursuit that led to a serious accident

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Story by The Legendary Jim Parks

Reporting by R.S. Gates

Waco – Official records and a video dash camera recording clearly show Sgt. Chris Eubank lied to an Assistant Police Chief when he insisted he was not in pursuit of a vehicle that crashed on a city street in east Waco, causing serious bodily injury to a passenger.

Though the driver of the car is charged with the felony crime of evading arrest, successful prosecution is highly unlikely because Sgt. Eubank made statements within microphone range of a dashboard video camera on a Waco Police cruiser, and later wrote a memo claiming he was never close enough to “light him up” during a chase that reached speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour.

Waco officers called to the scene of the wreck in which a car struck a curb on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, clipped a light pole and fipped “at least once,” were not fooled. One of them is heard to say on the dash cam audio, “They said earlier they were going to come over here and stir up some shit.”

To “light him up,” Eubank would have had to activate his emergency lighting system, thus causing the video recording equipment on his cruiser to capture the image of the suspect vehicle as the driver desperately tried to outrun a number of Sheriff’s Office patrol officers in the area of Dunbar St. at Dallas, located in an area of East Waco that is notorious for crack cocaine and other drug dealing, drug houses, and prostitution.

Sheriff’s Office Records Supervisor Tamma Willis has declined to furnish a copy of the video made by Sheriff’s Officers’ cars, saying that to do so would interfere with an investigation of a crime – a felony crime the officer himself alleges he has no real evidence to prove, since he was not close enough to actually see what exactly took place.

According to a law enforcement insider with years of experience in police related internal investigations who requested his name be kept in confidentiality, “The dash audio and video indicate he WAS chasing. He actually was recorded saying he’s got one running. He activated red lights. He traveled city streets a speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour. (Corporal Joseph) Ballew is videoed jumping out at the crash scene with his weapon pointed. THAT’S A CHASE!”

A civilian shown on trial to have told an investigating officer such a falsehood would be found guilty of the criminal offense of making a false report to a law enforcement agency.

It is unclear what action, if any, will be taken in the case of Sgt. Eubank. The situation has created some considerable controversy between the two departments. The Waco police officer who investigated the single car accident said he has reached an agreement with the ranking officer in charge of the matter at the Sheriff’s Office that if charges are to be filed, they will be filed by the Sheriff’s Office and his investigation will stand as an official record of how the accident occurred. Calculations made by he and his associates show the pursuing vehicles to have reached speeds far in excess of 80 miles per hour, including one burst of speed by Corporal Ballews car of 86 miles per hour while Sgt. Eubanks drove at the rate of 79 miles per hour at one point.

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