Outlaws threw down their guns and ran

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.55.36 AMOfficer wields what appears to be an M-4 carbine AR-15 style rifle

“We would like to remind our citizens you are safe. There have been no credible threats towards you.” – Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton, Waco Police public information officer.

Waco – Just as the churches let out a little after high noon on a Sunday, someone got mad about where someone parked, someone shoved someone in a restroom, or sneered at someone’s colors, and the fight was on between rival biker clubs.

And then out came the weapons and someone shouted they should take it outside, where police with assault rifles at the ready opened up on the antagonists.

Inside the Twin Peaks restaurant, a crowd of more than 200 people panicked. They threw down weapons, stuffed firearms in trash cans and behind toilets, lost brass knuckles and other prohibited badass buttons under tables, behind chairs – and fled.

When the gunsmoke cleared, there were 9 dead – more than half of them shot in the head – 18 wounded, and 170 persons arrested and charged with engaging in organized crime leading to capital murder.

Their vehicles, weapons, anything else used in the alleged crime, has been seized. There are more than 100 motorcycles, every one of them hand assembled in America. There are 118 handguns, an AK-47, and 157 knives. There are an uncounted, unreported number of cars slated for seizure.

A Gunny Sergeant of Marines with a service book of 30 years on active duty sized it up this way.

“A squad of 20 shooters with carbines? One half of them shooting, the other loading? You could have killed all 200 of the people in that restaurant. That’s what you call squad tactics. We use it all the time.”

It’s nothing he has not done before, numerous times. “I wish I could have been there,” he said. “I’d have loved to kill all that trash.”

What was accomplished, what look-see pidgin performed for we the people?

A relatively small force of trained shooters can subdue a crowd with ten times more people, people who are subject to panic, prone to foolish surrender of their weapons – untrained, ill-disciplined people who are thinking about anything and everything other than fighting back.

One could consider the arrestees prisoners of war, those who were detained and questioned as under surveillance. The King’s Men have confiscated all the people had, including their bodies, put them to rout, placed them on their knees.

It’s all been captured on a video surveillance recording. The restaurant’s former owners have allowed the Associated Press a chance to watch it. It’s agreed. Something stampeded some of the baddest of the badasses out the door of that restaurant and into a hail of withering semiautomatic rifle fire, estimated at more than 100 rounds.

“This is just the beginning,” said a former national officer – a sergeant at arms – of an outlaw motorcycle club. “This is just the start of another civil war.”

In Nicaragua, they called them the death squads. In Spain, they were known as fascists, the Civil Guard. Marauders. Commandos. Waffen SS.

America witnessed a military assault with cultural motivations shouted from the rooftops and over the airwaves against people described in dramatic tones as “thugs,” carried out by sworn civil peace officers. America just witnessed the beginning of a civil war – or another installment in a series of similar events that stretches back as far as 1970 at Kent State University, or 1968, at the Chicago Police riots on Lakeshore Drive, the ATF raid on the Branch Davidian Compound, the siege of the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge, Idaho; that grotesque episode in America’s history began with an ATF agent shooting the family dog, and then a young boy, after an undercover agent had persuaded the father of the family to saw the barrels off a shotgun.

Not only are we the people our parents warned us about – as the Bandidos’ founder so aptly put it on his return from Vietnam – but we failed to heed their ample warnings. We have succumbed to tyranny. Hemmed into crowds, regulated by laws that have little regard for constitutional principles, we are at the mercy of callous and cynical psychos who are all too willing to manipulate and control in their lust for power.

The balloon is up, floating free, and sailing merrily on its course.

God bless America.

– The Legendary

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