Attorney calls Twin Peaks a ‘political’ meeting – a shot heard round the world, chain of abuses

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An attorney named Stephen Stubbs reveals for the first time in a YouTube statement the accounts of eye witnesses, people who experienced the terror of a mass shooting at the Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17. They actually contacted him by phone as events unfolded.

“We can only document one round – one round – that was fired by bikers,” he said. All other rounds were fired from AR-15-style weapons with suppressors – silencers – affixed on their muzzles. These shots were fired by police, according to Stubbs, who says he interviewed numerous eye witnesses.

His statement is meticulously detailed in its central thesis that the Confederation of Clubs meeting was political, that the City of Waco had only a few days earlier awarded the confederation recognition in a proclamation, and the reasons why the police should release information about the investigation, including video from Twin Peaks and the adjacent restaurant next door, Don Carlos.

One may view his statement by following this link:

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