Travel a strange trip as Jade Helm surveills

Waffle House Tail

Skinhead arrived on foot within a few moments at Waffle House

Somewhere on a four-lane, east of DFW – When you’re hot, you’re hot, and travel on interstate highways is obviously going to be under heavy surveillance during Operation Jade Helm (Joint Assistant for Development and Execution – HELM Homeland elimination of local militants), a Special Operations Command exercise that will pit black operators against the citizenry of 7 states, two of which – Texas and Utah – are considered “hostile.”

It’s a simulation of civil war with all its nasty implications, and it’s coming in loud and clear in stereo – all across the Lone Star State.

For instance, within moments after pulling off the Interstate and into a Waffle House, a skinhead military-cop type arrived on foot from the truck stop across the busy dual highway. He lamped the scribbler and ordered a tuck-in, trying hard not to notice when I snapped his picture.

And then there’s the motel. They had my reservation, all right, but they gave me keys to a room with an irascible dog, manly grips on both mussed-up beds, and occupants making themselves scarce when I walked in while cameras clicked and clicked.

The clerk was all smiles – mea culpa, mea culpa, etc. – and then gave me keys to yet another room that didn’t work before she got it right and checked me into a room with a view of interstate in Mussolini Modern.

Getting a WiFi connection is even more difficult. Each evolution is heavily monitored, takes twice as long as ever, and moves at a snail’s pace once the connection is established.

Chase cars and blockers create confusion in the afternoon traffic as lead drivers speed in excess of 100 miles per hour to get to the head of columns held back by left lane drivers, dawdling rental trucks, and confused citizens headed home for the day.

The signs are subtle, but they’re there in this ultra-technology-oriented region east of Dallas that includes Collins Radio, E-Systems, L3 – and the myriad of subcontractors involved in the military-industrial complex.

Stand by to stand by. It looks like it’s for sure nothing like a drill, and the floggings will continue until morale improves. – The Legendary

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