Jade Helm – Marine hero’s mom bugging out of Florida Centcom area


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“Funny things” started to happen to Gunny Aaron Kenefick’s Mom Susan Price after he got his Top Secret Clearance – SCI Compartmentalized – and then his own government ambushed him…

“When things happen in my life, they all happen at the same time…” Susan Price

Apollo Beach, Fl – After the Gunny began to serve as Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt’s enlisted aide at CentCom, he worked until 8 p..m. nightly, but his work day really began at 3 a.m., when he was compelled to deliver documents and message traffic to the General at his home.

Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Kenefick didn’t like the set-up. He got in the General’s face and told him – more than once – that his actions were “unethical,” that he would gladly do his duty at the super-secret MacDill Air Force Base of operations for the global war on terror located in Tampa Bay, but his pre-dawn trips to Kimmitt’s house were a thing of the past.

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Gunny Kenefick, USMC

That’s when he got orders to go to the remote Taliban hot-spot in the treacherous Ganjgal Valley on Afghanistan’s eastern border. With his experience maintaining and updating the CentCom database on the radical Islamic warrior sect, his skill set was needed in a crucial evolution of the fight for hearts and minds in September, 2009.

The mission: Force Recon to the villages of the stronghold, and then a tea-drinking ceremony with the elders in which they were expected to denounce the Taliban.

Events did not work out that way. When the group of about 50 Marines arrived at their objective on September 8, 2009, they encountered withering automatic and rocket-propelled grenade fire from an ambush wall to wall and tree-top tall. They were pinned down, helpless.

An Army helicopter unit had gunships within a 15-minute flight, and promised to send air support and artillery cover. As the wait stretched from 15 minutes to 80 minutes, a young enlisted man named Dakota Meyer fought back valiantly to try to help the Gunny and his Commanding Officer guide their Marines to safety. In the face of overwhelming odds, he mounted repeated attacks. His actions earned he and another Marine the Congressional Medal of Honor.

But the heroic actions of Dakota Meyer didn’t save the life of Gunny Kenefick, Susan Price’s son. He perished, along with a number of other warriors in what she and many other knowledgeable people believe was a set-up – a murder conspiracy against a Marine who “knew too much.” The Army believed it at the time. Two top officers at the command headquarters who stalled in sending help their way were immediately relieved of duty, their careers finished following an investigation by top brass.

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Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, former CentCom Deputy Director for Strategy and Plans

Ms. Price calmly levels her charge against Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, her son’s former boss at CentCom. Abundant evidence exists to show that he and his cronies are the architects of Jade Helm 15 (Joint Assistant Deployment and Execution – Homeland Eradication of Local Militants), professional colleagues in a “revolving door” of military leaders who leave the service for top jobs at civilian defense contracting corporations, public relations firms who spin doctor events in brush fire wars and appear on network newscasts to “explain” events, and “analyze” developments.

Gen. Kimmitt served as Assistant Secretary of State for Political – Military Affairs during the administration of President George W. Bush.

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Kimmitt appeared on newscasts to analyze a couple of seminal events in the Iraq War – the helicopter hit on civilian journalists on a Baghdad street – an event publicized by Wikileaks, and the scandalous treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison, a story broken by Seymour Hersh in “The New Yorker,” the “New York Times” journalist who first broke the story of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. Kimmitt assured the BBC that the people of Iraq would “forgive” the abuses perpetrated at Abu Ghraib.

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In both cases, Kimmitt “explained” what really happened and why coalition forces were not really at fault. He’s in good company, his father, a retired Army officer, worked for one of Washington’s top PR firms doing exactly the same work. He has brothers who work as bankers and CIA hands following their retirement from the military.

Susan Price says she believes they are from the bloodline of the Rothschild family. She and her comrades in arms also believe that Kimmitt and a Lt. Col. named John Brennan are the true architects of Jade Helm, that it’s an evolution of a ‘New World Order” they outlined in a abstract written at the Air Force’s War College following the Gulf War.

One may listen to an interview of Susan Price by clicking here:

In that document, the Colonel quoted Zbignew Brzezinski’s belief that “New World Order” is a great slogan, but it’s hardly a strategy. In “fleshing out” their strategy, they call for the U.S. to stop being the “world’s policeman,” and become “the world’s conscience.” The strategy, described in the position paper, is to operate as part of a coalition of forces, rather than a unilateral superpower, in which “we must invest in both the financial validity of the U.N. and the countries of the former Soviet Union.” 

The central idea, they emphasized, is to follow “a program of active political and economic measures and responsible military reductions,” in order to “…ensure retention of our superpower status. To do otherwise will earmark us in history as only another fallen empire.” 

Susan Price says her solution, now that Jade Helm 15 is going fully operational throughout the southern tier of states of the Continental U.S., is to bug out from her home across the bay from MacDill and CentCom where she has lived for the past 10 years following the “funny things” that began to happen after Gunny Kenefick received this top secret, compartmentalized clearance.

First, she will meet up with a group of Marines and activist patriots who have risen to help defend themselves and their loved ones at a “red, white, and blue” rally somewhere in the Florida panhandle. Fellow bug-outs will arrive on time; many will leave in different directions than those in which they came, their destinations yet to be determined. It’s on. Realistic Military Training is going live in the streets and highways of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi – all the way to Florida.

It’s not Blackhawk down, it’s Blackhawk downtown in what is being sold to local governments as “realistic military training” designed to prepare special operations troopers, Marines and SEALS for overseas deployments.

So it goes.

So mote it be.

– The Legendary

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