Chris Eubank accused of cheating on TCOLE test

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Rural residence near Gatesville where Eubank co-signed a note…

 Six Shooter Junction – A scandal involving an officer taking qualification courses and on-line exams for Sheriff Parnell McNamara came to light when former Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon told The Legendary that Sgt. Chris Eubank admitted his part in the plot to get the Sheriff certified.

According to his admission to the former Texas Ranger, he had been pressured by an ex-lover and live-in companion to provide her financing for a rural residence at Gatesville, Texas, where they both once worked, and a car.

Tax records of the Coryell County Central Appraisal District reflect that the couple acquired the home in December of 2013 from the owner from whom they had rented, Jerry Etux Chartier. One may see the proof by clicking here.

Public records show that she acquired a Dodge Challenger, license number DHC0089, in April of 2014. She is a full-time dispatcher at the Gatesville Police Department and a part-time dispatcher at the Waco P.D.

Her evidence, he admitted to Cawthon, was a snapshot of himself sitting at a computer in the Sheriff’s office at the Bosqueville Community Center where he took the course, captioned “Me passing another test…” She allegedly threatened to take her recollections to authorities if he did not comply with her demands.

I told him, look, you have a future in law enforcement. Why don’t you just resign and move on?” Cawthon recalled. At the time, the matter was very controversial because of a federal lawsuit that a private attorney named Mike Dixon was arranging to help settle out of court because of other indiscretions committed by Eubank.

As previously reported, he shredded a TCOLE document called an F-5 report of the discharge for cause of an employee, Spencer Rowell, who had been dismissed by Jail Captain John Kollinek for professional misconduct. Sheriff McNamara had requested that the young man be given a chance to resign, though the Jail Division Captain had fired him.

Eubank ordered a subordinate to shred the investigation file on the matter, but when she demurred, he did the job himself. The problem, combined with the TCOLE certification indiscretions, was enough to preclude trying to mount a defense to the lawsuit concerning the outright dismissal or demotion of 9 officers filed in U.S. District Court. According to Cawthon, Dixon used the words, “because of that Chris Eubank shit!”

When Eubank attempted to resign, the Sheriff stopped the music, persuading him to stay on as a Sergeant following his stint as a Lieutenant wearing multiple hats involving training, evaluations, prospective employee vetting, and the like. In his new role, he works deep nights in uniform, contrasting with his former role as a plainsclothesman who drove an unmarked sedan, kept office hours, and had a staff who reported to him.

The revelation may very well generate some heat and light due to the fact that only last month, Sheriff Michael Cox, his chief deputy, jail captain, and a corrections officer were removed from office in Hill County, accused of falsification of a government document and computer fraud. These are State Jail felonies, punishable by as much as two years behind bars.

At any rate, Sheriff McNamara received notice of passing the peace officers exam on September 27, 2014. Records show that though he did not go to a police training academy, he nevertheless took in excess of 25 separate courses in law enforcement on-line, and received approval to take the test after officials waived their rules requiring instruction at an academy.

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