Beleaguered mayor in face-down with Sheriff

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Donny Brock, Mayor of Quinlan, TX

Hunt County, Texas – Watching this small-town Mayor work the phone is a study in what armed camps look like during an all-out information war at election time.

Mayor Donny Brock leans into the phone receiver, emphasizes his words, “Now, my (police) department, here, the Sheriff is telling them, ‘We don’t like what you’re doing.'”

He lets that sink in, and there’s silence on the line as a former Hunt County Deputy who quit Sheriff Randy Meeks because he said he could no longer work in the atmosphere of the office maintained by his former boss, waits for his next remark.

“I have no idea what happened,” he concludes. “I’m being stalled on the paperwork I need.”

So far, Sheriff Meeks has made a single-handed stand to keep Brock from learning what, exactly, took place as two of his deputies arrested a woman who was 38 weeks and six days pregnant after beating her kidneys with a closed fist.

A video caught on a surveillance camera inside Deanna Jo Robinson’s parents’ home shows in graphic detail what happened after she demanded to see a writ that authorized them seizer her 18-month-old boy in a case of alleged abuse and/or neglect.

To view the video, click here:

A patrolman from the Quinlan Police Department, Cpl. Daniel Catalan, stood by while the arrest and beating took place and later charged her with the Class A misdemeanor of resisting arrest and the Class B misdemeanor of interfering with the duties of a public official.

“I need the narrative he filed, what he had to say about what happened,” said Brock. “The Chief doesn’t have a clue. He didn’t even know it had happened until the video came out.”

So far, the video has had 1.5 million viewers in 221 countries; it’s the subject of an FBI investigation.

Hunt County officials are stonewalling. They’ve got problems. There was no writ to show the woman when she asked to read it. When she fought to keep her child, and tried to close the door, they chased her into her mother’s kitchen, where the beating took place.

“If I find out he did noting, it’s going to break my heart if I have to fire him.”

The lawman he has on the line breaks in, says, “Well, a guy that young, you can chalk it up to a lack of training. The Chief, well, that’s – I don’t know what you would call it. He should know.” The Chief of the Quinlan department said all the documentation of the arrest of Ms. Robinson and the seizure of her child is embargoed pending a Texas Rangers investigation, and a private attorney’s quest for an Attorney General’s Opinion. It is his opinion that since the mother, who fought like a tigress at 175 pregnant pounds stacked on a 5’3″ frame, is a “patient.” Of whom? Who knows? HIPPA law protects her medical information. The lawyer, Daniel Ray, who is retained by the Hunt County Commmissioners’ Court, says that protection extends to her arrest and the seizure of her child. She is a veteran of the Iraq War with a tour in the combat zone under her belt.

Brock says in an exasperated tone of voice, “He (Sheriff Meeks) came by here yesterday morning and said, ‘You and me are all right, aren’t we, Donny?’

“I told him, no, we’re not. We have a problem.” He said the attorney has it all balled up, but that ain’t right. We should be able to get the basic information about the arrest – especially from our own department.”

The City Council demurred taking any action a week ago, pending their reception of the crime report. So far, since March 3, none is forthcoming.

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City Councilman Jackie Goleman, Mayoral candidate

To complicate matters, Brock is facing a re-election contest a week hence, on May 9. His opponent is a long-term member of the City Council, a retired school teacher named Jackie Goleman, who finds himself in opposition to many of Brock’s initiatives – and there have been many in his tenure. He and another two members of the council seem to think Brock is moving too fast. Brock is a founding member of the local TEA Party and a voracious Watch Dog over city hall. He has eliminated some wasteful spending, made some personnel adjustments, and looks forward to making some more.

Police arrested Goleman’s 38-year-old son Jacky on Thursday, April 23. There are no details available for that arrest, either, but the young man is no stranger to the police blotter.

He faces pending charges of assault, family violence, possession of a controlled substance, theft of service, and unlawful carrying a weapon. His latest arrest is for felony theft over $1,500 and less than $20,000.

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And then, there is the video that shows the brutal beating of a handcuffed and belly-chained county jail inmate on a sidewalk outside the courthouse in November, 2014, after a man dressed in managerial style with a tie and a neatly pressed shirt and slacks tried to engage him in conversation.

A video surveillance camera clearly shows a security deputy in the lobby of the building admonishing the man not to talk to the inmate as he and others similarly restrained stood with their noses pressed to the wall. When his interlocutor persists, he is escorted out of the building.

After the deputies cleared the lobby and secured the elevator to upper floors, they hustled Philip Allen Jones out a side door and onto the sidewalk, where they threw him down so hard, he came out of his shoes. After an extended beating, he is put into a paddy wagon. During the beating, a deputy is seen leading the same man away who had tried to talk to the inmate inside the lobby.

Jones was arrested on charges of armed robbery and drug possession. A local newspaper has been unable to get much in the way of facts about his case, or the beating. Sheriff Meeks says an internal investigation is underway.

To view that video, click here:–o

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