Oklahoma War Dance

Col. Breshears

Antlers, Oklahoma – When Col. Floyd Breshears of the Oklahoma III%ers scheduled a sit-down with the Imam of Oklahoma City at the State Capitol on Friday, Feb. 27, 2015, militia commanders nationwide warned him. Beware the FBI. And then the phone call came. Agents requested an appointment on a day of his choosing. He chose the 26th.

Breshears opposed opening the Mexican border to immigration in the spring and summer of 2014. He and approximately 200 men and women with military combat skills oppose amnesty for illegal aliens. Most of all, they oppose an imposition of Islamic Sharia law on the citizens of Oklahoma – a thorny issue the federal appeals courts rejected after it passed by 70 percent as a ballot initiative in November, 2010.

He gathered his officers, their wives and children at his place in the country this past Saturday for a pow-wow. The consciousness raising was intense. A brief video presentation might help make clear his views and the response of his followers:


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