‘Terrorist Paperwork’


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Melissa Bias Pool demonstrates hold police allegedly used to make her daughter submit to arrest at a local Wal-Mart Super Center

Bellmead, Texas – In this audio recording of Victor Pool and his wife, Melissa Bias, they explain their absolute refusal to identify themselves, their resolute decision to represent themselves in court, and exactly how they and their daughter wound up charged with multiple offenses following an investigation of a shoplifting charge at a Wal-Mart Super Center.



Strappado position was the second of three degrees of sanctioned torture techniques used in the Inquisition, allegedly used of the Pools daughter in the arrest

Their 15-year-old daughter is charged with assaulting a police officer when she kicked her legs after two officers placed her nose and mouth in a stress position in order to handcuff her.

They declare themselves followers of the sovereign citizen movement, in which activists challenge the jurisdiction of courts to hear cases in which criminal charges are leveled against them on constitutional grounds.

They are both charged with failure to identify themselves, interfering with an investigation, and resisting arrest. Their daughter remains in custody at a juvenile facility.


Victor and Melissa Pool

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