A Ranger looks at a separatist issue

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The year, 1997. The place, The Ft. Davis area of an idyllic Alpine region of west Texas, where Richard McLaren of The Republic of Texas and the Texas Rangers led by Captain Barry Caver were eyeball to eyeball for 7 days following a shooting and hostage-taking event at a neighbor’s small ranch.

The Republic of Texas had been filing numerous false liens on folks’ property, and officials viewed the practice as malicious. They had also issued bogus “currency warrants.” Key elements of their command staff wound up in the pen. This and other incidents have given the sovereign citizens’ movement a bad reputation, on both sides of the badge and the bar.

Retired Ranger Matt Cawthon of Waco was in the posse during that tense period. He arrested the renegade group’s Sergeant at Arms, and he has been briefed extensively on other separatist movements, such as The Sword, The Arm, and The Covenant.

He sees the Rangers as a paramilitary force that is dispatched to help the people of the State of Texas fight back when they need to fight back against the kind of people who want to steal their peace and dignity. We of The Legendary could not be more in agreement.

His take on the facts of the case of an arrest of an entire family in Bellmead is that he’s sorry for their troubles, but they don’t get a pass when it comes to giving their names during a legal investigation. Perhaps the most interesting concept he discusses as an expert crime consultant is this one on deadly force: “…I always tell young officers that each and every confrontation they encounter involves a firearm – the one being carried by the officer…” His counsel is that a calm command presence and a courteous demeanor are paramount tools, to be used in conjunction with the hog leg.

Conditions in a correction facility just as a jail are very different. His observations come from 33 years of experience. What people may not know is that the couple in question are of the Muslim faith. Victor Pool and his wife Melissa Bias claim they received death threats from court officers in both the prosecution and defense bar in the greater Atlanta suburbs of Marietta, Kennesaw and Cobb County. The father is black, the mother white, and the officer they accuse of aggression is black. At this point, the original story as it appeared on Facebook has received more than 26,000 page views.

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Members of the social media community most interested in the case, who in fact tipped other social media journalists, are elements of “Cop Block,” a radical social media video news organization headquartered in the D/FW Metroplex, headed by open carry firearms advocate Kory Watkins. Elements of this organization who are expanding their interests into the Central Texas area spent the entire day Friday with a news crew from the Arabic television network, Al Jazeera:

Okay, this is interesting and my response will be a tad lengthy. 

To begin, in my career as a Texas Ranger, I have been involved with the investigation of self-proclaimed “sovereign” citizens and “separatists”… I was in Ft. Davis, Texas, when Richard McLaren and the “Republic of Texas” movement shot and kidnapped a elderly neighbor and then holed-up in their so-called “Embassy”.  As you may remember, the situation was resolved mostly peacefully, except for one member who decided to shoot at law enforcement. I actually arrested their “Sergeant-at-Arms” and transported him to jail in Marfa. 

I am also aware of another separatists group operating on a tract of land in Trinidad, Texas, and to date, their members are still wanted by the law for various crimes; however, there are children in their compound, and attempts to advance and arrest could be disastrous, much like it was during the Branch Davidian incident. 

Most conservatives believe in less government and I am no different. The problem occurs with extremism. As citizens of this country, we must obey her laws. Without laws and those who enforce the laws, then our country will break down, and anarchy will rule. 

I cannot comment about the arrest of these people in your interview, but let me speak about police and corrections in general. 

Street officers work on a level dealing with very fluid and very dangerous situations. They must make quick decisions with their safety and the safety of the citizens in mind. I always tell young officers that each and every confrontation they encounter involves a firearm – the one being carried by the officer. That makes it important to take charge of every situation and diffuse the problem with any tool the officer possesses, hopefully merely their command presence and calm and courteous demeanor.  

By contrast, the world inside a jail is very different. Time is on the side of the correctional staff. The arrestee is already in custody, so everything can slow down and diffuse naturally. An arrestee can be placed into an isolation cell, and soon, calmer heads will prevail. 

In this case, the couple must be properly identified because that’s the law we live under, and as citizens under lawful arrest – we must assume it’s lawful – they don’t get the choice of refusing to identify. Quite obviously, the couple complied in the end, or they would not have been released and be available for interview. 

In my experience, I’ve known or heard that the most ardent believers of the Separatist Movement will refuse all forms of government identification, vehicle registration, etc. They are prolific in the filing of lawsuits against local, state and federal government officials to include the malicious filing  of liens. This is considered by most to be harassment, and in some cases, domestic terrorism. 

I hope this helps in some way to add a different side to the story given by the couple. I’m sorry for their troubles. I had a young relative who was detained by Walmart security several years ago, and my personal experience was that they were professional and courteous. The part about pushing and pulling of the heads could easily be the widely accepted police practice of using pressure points (under the nose and under the jaw) to force compliance from a passive aggressive and non-compliant detainee. 

Good luck,


A cause celebre amid threats of death:

‘Terrorist Paperwork’


Melissa Bias Pool demonstrates hold police allegedly used to make her daughter submit to arrest at a local Wal-Mart Super Center

Bellmead, Texas – In this audio recording of Victor Pool and his wife, Melissa Bias, they explain their absolute refusal to identify themselves, their resolute decision to represent themselves in court, and exactly how they and their daughter wound up charged with multiple offenses following an investigation of a shoplifting charge at a Wal-Mart Super Center.



Strappado position was the second of three degrees of sanctioned torture techniques used in the Inquisition, allegedly used of the Pools daughter in the arrest

Their 15-year-old daughter is charged with assaulting a police officer when she kicked her legs after two officers placed her nose and mouth in a stress position in order to handcuff her.

They declare themselves followers of the sovereign citizen movement, in which activists challenge the jurisdiction of courts to hear cases in which criminal charges are leveled against them on constitutional grounds.

They are both charged with failure to identify themselves, interfering with an investigation, and resisting arrest. Their daughter remains in custody at a juvenile facility.


Victor and Melissa Pool

It was about the phone

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Bellmead – It was all about the phone. When Wal-Mart security detained the 15-year-old girl and her 22-year-old cousin, they took them to a Bellmead Police Department substation at the store.

She was a suspected party to an offense – shoplifting – and the loss prevention specialists had observed that her cousin had not scanned some of the items she bagged to take out of the front door.

According to her mother, Melissa Bias, her daughter gave her older cousin cash for the items she picked out. She had dropped them off earlier to go to a beauty supply house near the Super Center, but when the young ladies found out it was closed, they opted for shopping at the giant retailer next door.

When the Bellmead Police Officers arrived, they had no female officer to assist them.

According to Victor Pool and Melissa Bias, the store security officer told their daughter to put her phone up.


“It’s for the security of these officers.” The wheels start to turn. There are a lot of police who are extremely camera shy. They don’t like to be recorded while they make an arrest, detain a suspect, or much of anything else, though photography is not a crime.

When the girl refused, the situation escalated instantly. “The one behind her snatched her phone out of her hand. It wasn’t even in service, but he did…”

Her daughter reacted by saying “Fuckin’ dick!”

That’s when the two officers sought to subdue her by pressing her nose up and into the sinus cavity of her skull. “The one in the back was pulling, the one in front was pushing.”

“She kicked out,” the mother says. “She couldn’t breathe, so she kicked out” That’s how her daughter wound up charged with the felony crime of assault of a police officer, theft, and resisting arrest.

Neither officer is named because Bellmead Police Chief Lydia Alvarado is out sick and the records clerk who handles requests for public information is similarly indisposed, according to an unidentified staff member who is not authorized to talk about an ongoing investigation.

We’ll all have to wait for their side of the story.

When the parents arrived at the Bellmead Police Station located further down that city’s main drag, they could hear their daughter screaming at them from inside an interrogation room. “She said her nose was bleeding,” according to her mother.

“We forced our way in,” she recalls, when an officer came to the electrically operated door.

From there, the situation deteriorated when an officer allegedly “pointed a TASER at my husband’s face,” according to his wife, the girl’s mother, Melissa Bias. Taken into custody, Pool stood handcuffed and wound up being shot with the TASER and shocked twice. Melissa Bias wound up on the floor when an officer allegedly shoved her. The couple claims her knee is “badly bruised.”

Both admit they refused to give their names. She explained that they consider themselves sovereign citizens, that they are not bound by a requirement to show government-issued identification on demand, nor are they obliged to answer questions as to their identity – unless they are charged with a crime.

In fact, Pool originally gave his name in Facebook accounts as John Hammond, the name he goes by on Facebook. They are charged with failure to identify, interfering with an investigation, and resisting arrest. They plan to give The Legendary an on-mike interview later today.

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Jail Division Captain John Kolinek responded to an open records request for booking information regarding the couple’s arrest, which confirmed Melissa Bias’ account of the charges against the two of them.

As of 4 p.m. on Friday, January 9, the story has received more than 7,000 page views on the Radio Legendary Facebook site.

Sheriff demurs in records request

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Private Attorney Mike Dixon will review requests

Waco – Sheriff Parnell McNamara referred a series of eight public records requests about cases and incidents any veteran newsman would call “shaky as cafeteria jello”  to a private attorney retained by the Commissioners Court.

Mike Dixon, who billed McLennan County $153,735.63 in billable hours during the previous fiscal year at $150 per hour, will scrutinize the requests for  a period of 10 days prior to officials’ making a decision about whether to seek the opinion of the State Attorney General’s Open Records Division, according to Sheriff’s Office Records Division chief Tamma Willis.

He joins Baylor Law Professor Guinn, who billed the county some $34,050 to study a plan to redistrict Constable and Justice Court precincts to eliminate two, leaving a total of 5, in which candidates were appointed by Republican Party officials to run in the General Election irregardless of which candidates won primary races.

An Austin attorney named Shindlofsky billed the county $12,615 for services in settling a federal lawsuit against Sheriff McNamara brought by nine employees who were either demoted or dismissed following his election, and another attorney named Allison billed $5,000.

The settlement cost a total of $2 million, the county’s share of which came to $575,000, according to financial records released by the Commissioners Court.

A staff attorney named Dustin Chapman is paid $66,950 per year, according to payroll records. He released the information to Legendary News Services regarding an investigation of a drug detection dog named Ace who was trained in abusive fashion by his former handler, Corporal Joseph Ballew, according to top Captains and Lieutenants who conducted the investigation ordered by former Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon, a retired Texas Ranger. Both Ballew and former training supervisor, Captain Chris Eubank, transferred to new duties in the Sheriff’s Office’s Patrol Division, Eubank in March, when he was re-hired as a Sergeant following his resignation as a Captain, and Ballew in August following his promotion to Corporal. Sheriff McNamara reportedly reprimanded Ballew.

That document is one of many requested by The Legendary in the series of records requests.

“The report should never have been released,” McNamara said in an interview. “The investigation was not completed.”

Though there is no provision in the law to have a private attorney review public information requests, officials are allowed a period of 10 business days to determine if there is information they deem legally excepted from such requests. It is a well-known extension of the fine line between news and history, arbitrarily drawn in the sand by the Legislature in its enactment of Section 552 of the Texas Government Code.

Bellmead family arrested

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Bellmead – Police are investigating the arrest of a juvenile female that resulted in an entire family being detained at a department substation located at Wal-Mart, charged with resisting arrest and interfering with an investigation.

The father claims his daughter was injured when an officer “slammed her nose up into her face,” then “slammed” her face into a desk top. When he and the mother showed up a few minutes later, he was tasered twice while handcuffed, his wife thrown to the ground.

John Hammond told RadioLegendary,Bellmead, TX, cops assaulted my 15 year old daughter in a Wal-Mart substation. They slammed her nose up into her face, which is “an authorized pressure point maneuver” to subdue a sitting child, and then slammed her face into a desk, causing her to have ear aches and nose bleeds. Still have not made it home from her kidnapping/arrest for allegedly resisting arrest. Then when we showed up within five minutes my wife and I was both arrested for resisting arrest, interfering with official duties, failure to ID. Keep in mind none of which we are obligated to perform. I was tasered twice in the back while handcuffed, once while I was standing and once on the ground. My wife was thrown to the ground, causing a badly bruised knee. I can’t wait to get the tape before it’s sealed under some gag order and I will release it. What caused all this? They wanted my child’s phone, a phone with no service. He snatched the phone out of her hand and she called him a “fucking dick” so two cops began to slam her head and face into a desk. And this man said he had been on the force for 40 years and was going to teach my daughter a lesson tonight. This same cop said he would beat his kids for talking like that. So where is his authority to beat my child?”

Watch these columns for more coverage of these events.

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Expatriation – ‘correcting’ one’s nationality

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The Red Amendment is a treatise on the question of into exactly what legal status the ratification of the 14th Amendment cast U.S. citizenship following the civil war.

Leonard Bork maintains that in conjunction with the 13th Amendment, it actually enslaved all the people by imposing voluntary servitude on everyone, rather than freeing those previously held in involuntary servitude. His solution? One may “correct” his nationality by serving the U.S. Department of State with a legal instrument that is intended to emancipate a U.S. citizen through a declaration of sovereign citizenship in one’s home state.

The basic idea is that each of the 50 states is actually a nation unto itself, and the U.S. is basically a federation of these.

It’s an age-old question. After all, we read in the New Testament that Jesus’ birth occurred under the harsh conditions of a stable in Bethlehem when there was no room at the inn. The circumstances of Christ’s nativity are fundamental to the civil war that followed his crucifixion for a period of nearly a century, according to reports by Flavius Josephus and other journalists of that time.  

His parents had been compelled by governmental authority to travel to that distant city from the adjacent province to declare their origins for the purpose of a census taken by an occupying army that was taxing and controlling the population in cooperation with a theocratic government, sometimes unkindly labeled as a puppet government of a pretender to the throne of Israel.

In an interview, Bork mentioned that he is motivated by his desire to confront the ones he frequently refers to as “they,” and that they are “ultimately the ones that Jesus exposed.”

Asked to speculate on that which Jesus, at an age prior to his bar mitzvah, must have taught when he was separated from his parents on a trip to Jerusalem and was later found instructing the priests and scribes on the porch of the inner sanctum at The Temple of Solomon, Bork replied in a bemused way, rather puzzled, “Perhaps to protect them…”

Legendary – I am preparing an article that will make these concepts as clear as possible. Could you tell me of a link that will give a reader an example of the type of instrument of emancipation used to provide the relief your book advocates?

Bork – It is a long process. I help people with it and what they need to do. Accordingly, there is nothing posted that shows what you request. I would add, emancipating people individually really does not help any of us as a whole. People’s Awareness Coalition has always been about working as one. 15 years have gone by and no one seems to get that. Islands get us nowhere.

Legendary – That’s why I’m looking for a quick and easy way to communicate your concepts to a large number of people – at a glance, something like a billboard or a bus and bench ad. Maybe instead of providing a link to an actual instrument intended to be served on the State Department, I’m looking for a legal checklist of the elements that must be accomplished in order to get the job done for – oh, let’s say – 3 percent of the cognizant population, for starters.

Bork – Have you read The Red Amendment? Seems like you may have.

Legendary – I’m beginning the type of intensive study it takes to fully grasp the implications of a legal horn book of its type. Let’s put it that way.

Bork – Well, a plethora of people will tell you that you are wasting your time by looking at other things. Which brings me to, if you have not read my book, what would make you an authority to write an article on a procedure that I had developed? Sorry, I have been dealing with division issues for 20 years now.

Legendary – I’m not an authority. I am a journalist.

Bork – You don’t want to hear my physical rant on this. I see. What is your audience?

Legendary – My audience is unlimited. I can target a saturation level that is tailored to your needs. As I say, we are looking to make an impression upon three percent of computer-literate persons with the capability of grasping the essential elements of emancipation from the conditions imposed by the 14th Amendment through filing an instrument with the federal government.

Bork – Sending notice is 10% of the deal. Knowing how to handle yourself is the rest That is the problem. People think there is some magic paperwork.

Legendary – I think the point is, here, that when you are ready to move a mountain, you had best equip yourself with the mechanical advantage of a shovel. Then what would be a critical path to reshaping one’s perceptions and behavior with the goal in mind – plainly stated in terms readily grasped and understood by 10 million people – at a glance?

Bork – Like I said, my intellectual process is under contract and not released to anyone without it. I can give you articles to review. The crux of what I relate is nationality is of importance.

Legendary – I have no intention of abrogating your title to intellectual process or property. I seek merely to write about it.

Bork – This is a public paper www.pacinlaw.us/expatriation …I feel that it is too much info for most people. People can screw things up…Like I note in that paper. Correction of Nationality is what I refer to, what needs to be done. It is technically expatriation.

Legendary – Very good. We can turn that into a very powerful message. Something as easy to grasp as, let’s say, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” or “Demilitarize erogenous zones.” I remember a lot of young ladies wearing that button at one time. Something that can be printed on a vest button or a business card, a bumper sticker, a piece of jewelry, silk-screened on a mirror, imprinted on a coffee cup, a t-shirt. I’m sure you get the picture.

Bork – My saying is, why is it that they don’t teach us law in school? Pretty much a no-brainer. That is what they control us with. Politics are filled with worthless nonsense, too. Law is the Achilles heel for them…No, I have not got formal training nor am I in “practice” under the bar. And I refer to them as “THEY” a lot. It would be ultimately the ones that Jesus exposed. The same clan that has been in control for thousands of years. Nothing new under the sun, as it is said. One of their bigger think tanks.

Legendary – A final question. What do you suppose Jesus taught the wise men at the Temple on that fateful day before he had reached his bar mitzvah, had become separated from his parents? Would you care to speculate?

Bork – Perhaps to protect them…Would have to have more details on it. I have looked at that topic before. I take the Bible with a grain of salt, too. Just so you know. Men assembled it, and men are bought and sold. I do believe in Jesus the Christ, and he is my savior. His teaching saved me from man.

Legendary – How can my readers get in touch with you?

Bork – www.pacalliance.us/contact

The seven eighths – You know it’s there

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A writer who omits things because he does not know them only makes hollow places in his writing…The real test of any story is how very good the stuff that you, not your editors, omit. I omitted the real end which was that the old man hanged himself. This was omitted on my new theory that you could omit anything…and the omitted part would strengthen the story. – Ernest Hemingway

Six Shooter Junction – It’s the seven eighths of the ice berg that you didn’t see, the part beneath the water line, that made the Titanic famous when it ripped a hole in her massive hull.

There are people in the palace of justice who wear black robes; they all know this as well as they know their own names, and they run the place, sit in the highest chair, in the most prominent position, wield the gavel, give instruction, make rulings and sign orders.

I make application for and request access to public information related to the employment and separation of… Request includes any internal investigation related to his employment with McLennan County…

Reliable information about nearly anything that happened is very difficult to obtain, and it really didn’t happen until it went down on paper, file marked, stamped, embossed, notarized or acknowledged..

This is a public information act request for public information related to an accidental discharge of a weapon by any employee of the McLennan county Sheriff’s Department during the term of office of Sheriff Parnell McNamara.

Once an investigation is completed and official action is taken, it is difficult to obtain an idea of precisely what has occurred.

This is a public information act request for public information related to the letter of reprimand for Deputy Joseph Ballew related to his capacity as a K9 handler.

Incidents that would end careers, terminate marriages and rip families asunder are handled very quietly, their details classified as “under investigation.” Others are emblazoned on web pages, broadcast, or published in news prints.

This is a public information act request for public information related to the suspension of Deputy ___________ in 2014.

Details of arrests and magistrations for alleged crimes are under disposition and become impossible to discover, even by the attorneys defending the criminal lawsuits.

I make application for and request access to public information related to an arrest at the Sandman Motel that was initiated by Deputy __________.

Probable cause for search and seizure is obtained by the “infallible” reactions of a trained animal who sits, scratches, barks, runs in circles, and gives other arcane signs to certified handlers who testify as experts.

This is a public information act request for training records for K9 Impulse and Ace after the departure of Deputy Ballew from the K9 unit.

Information that is material to any of these is omitted from official reports that are released by lawyers whom the Constitutional Officers say should not release the information.

This is a public information act request for medical records for K9 Impulse for F.Y. 2014

Everything is off the record; no one will speak for attribution.

All italicized entries set in bold face type were composed and submitted by R.S. Gates, Minister of Irritation.

“Status quo? Why, certainly, sir, that is merely Latin for ‘The mess we done got ourselves in now.'” – a Texas Ranger on the witness stand at some murky point in history…

– The Legendary