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Bellmead – It was all about the phone. When Wal-Mart security detained the 15-year-old girl and her 22-year-old cousin, they took them to a Bellmead Police Department substation at the store.

She was a suspected party to an offense – shoplifting – and the loss prevention specialists had observed that her cousin had not scanned┬ásome of the items she bagged to take out of the front door.

According to her mother, Melissa Bias, her daughter gave her older cousin cash for the items she picked out. She had dropped them off earlier to go to a beauty supply house near the Super Center, but when the young ladies found out it was closed, they opted for shopping at the giant retailer next door.

When the Bellmead Police Officers arrived, they had no female officer to assist them.

According to Victor Pool and Melissa Bias, the store security officer told their daughter to put her phone up.


“It’s for the security of these officers.” The wheels start to turn. There are a lot of police who are extremely camera shy. They don’t like to be recorded while they make an arrest, detain a suspect, or much of anything else, though photography is not a crime.

When the girl refused, the situation escalated instantly. “The one behind her snatched her phone out of her hand. It wasn’t even in service, but he did…”

Her daughter reacted by saying “Fuckin’ dick!”

That’s when the two officers sought to subdue her by pressing her nose up and into the sinus cavity of her skull. “The one in the back was pulling, the one in front was pushing.”

“She kicked out,” the mother says. “She couldn’t breathe, so she kicked out” That’s how her daughter wound up charged with the felony crime of assault of a police officer, theft, and resisting arrest.

Neither officer is named because Bellmead Police Chief Lydia Alvarado is out sick and the records clerk who handles requests for public information is similarly indisposed, according to an unidentified staff member who is not authorized to talk about an ongoing investigation.

We’ll all have to wait for their side of the story.

When the parents arrived at the Bellmead Police Station located further down that city’s main drag, they could hear their daughter screaming at them from inside an interrogation room. “She said her nose was bleeding,” according to her mother.

“We forced our way in,” she recalls, when an officer came to the electrically operated door.

From there, the situation deteriorated when an officer allegedly “pointed a TASER at my husband’s face,” according to his wife, the girl’s mother, Melissa Bias. Taken into custody, Pool stood handcuffed and wound up being shot with the TASER and shocked twice. Melissa Bias wound up on the floor when an officer allegedly shoved her. The couple claims her knee is “badly bruised.”

Both admit they refused to give their names. She explained that they consider themselves sovereign citizens, that they are not bound by a requirement to show government-issued identification on demand, nor are they obliged to answer questions as to their identity – unless they are charged with a crime.

In fact, Pool originally gave his name in Facebook accounts as John Hammond, the name he goes by on Facebook. They are charged with failure to identify, interfering with an investigation, and resisting arrest. They plan to give The Legendary an on-mike interview later today.

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Jail Division Captain John Kolinek responded to an open records request for booking information regarding the couple’s arrest, which confirmed Melissa Bias’ account of the charges against the two of them.

As of 4 p.m. on Friday, January 9, the story has received more than 7,000 page views on the Radio Legendary Facebook site.

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