Expatriation – ‘correcting’ one’s nationality

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The Red Amendment is a treatise on the question of into exactly what legal status the ratification of the 14th Amendment cast U.S. citizenship following the civil war.

Leonard Bork maintains that in conjunction with the 13th Amendment, it actually enslaved all the people by imposing voluntary servitude on everyone, rather than freeing those previously held in involuntary servitude. His solution? One may “correct” his nationality by serving the U.S. Department of State with a legal instrument that is intended to emancipate a U.S. citizen through a declaration of sovereign citizenship in one’s home state.

The basic idea is that each of the 50 states is actually a nation unto itself, and the U.S. is basically a federation of these.

It’s an age-old question. After all, we read in the New Testament that Jesus’ birth occurred under the harsh conditions of a stable in Bethlehem when there was no room at the inn. The circumstances of Christ’s nativity are fundamental to the civil war that followed his crucifixion for a period of nearly a century, according to reports by Flavius Josephus and other journalists of that time.  

His parents had been compelled by governmental authority to travel to that distant city from the adjacent province to declare their origins for the purpose of a census taken by an occupying army that was taxing and controlling the population in cooperation with a theocratic government, sometimes unkindly labeled as a puppet government of a pretender to the throne of Israel.

In an interview, Bork mentioned that he is motivated by his desire to confront the ones he frequently refers to as “they,” and that they are “ultimately the ones that Jesus exposed.”

Asked to speculate on that which Jesus, at an age prior to his bar mitzvah, must have taught when he was separated from his parents on a trip to Jerusalem and was later found instructing the priests and scribes on the porch of the inner sanctum at The Temple of Solomon, Bork replied in a bemused way, rather puzzled, “Perhaps to protect them…”

Legendary – I am preparing an article that will make these concepts as clear as possible. Could you tell me of a link that will give a reader an example of the type of instrument of emancipation used to provide the relief your book advocates?

Bork – It is a long process. I help people with it and what they need to do. Accordingly, there is nothing posted that shows what you request. I would add, emancipating people individually really does not help any of us as a whole. People’s Awareness Coalition has always been about working as one. 15 years have gone by and no one seems to get that. Islands get us nowhere.

Legendary – That’s why I’m looking for a quick and easy way to communicate your concepts to a large number of people – at a glance, something like a billboard or a bus and bench ad. Maybe instead of providing a link to an actual instrument intended to be served on the State Department, I’m looking for a legal checklist of the elements that must be accomplished in order to get the job done for – oh, let’s say – 3 percent of the cognizant population, for starters.

Bork – Have you read The Red Amendment? Seems like you may have.

Legendary – I’m beginning the type of intensive study it takes to fully grasp the implications of a legal horn book of its type. Let’s put it that way.

Bork – Well, a plethora of people will tell you that you are wasting your time by looking at other things. Which brings me to, if you have not read my book, what would make you an authority to write an article on a procedure that I had developed? Sorry, I have been dealing with division issues for 20 years now.

Legendary – I’m not an authority. I am a journalist.

Bork – You don’t want to hear my physical rant on this. I see. What is your audience?

Legendary – My audience is unlimited. I can target a saturation level that is tailored to your needs. As I say, we are looking to make an impression upon three percent of computer-literate persons with the capability of grasping the essential elements of emancipation from the conditions imposed by the 14th Amendment through filing an instrument with the federal government.

Bork – Sending notice is 10% of the deal. Knowing how to handle yourself is the rest That is the problem. People think there is some magic paperwork.

Legendary – I think the point is, here, that when you are ready to move a mountain, you had best equip yourself with the mechanical advantage of a shovel. Then what would be a critical path to reshaping one’s perceptions and behavior with the goal in mind – plainly stated in terms readily grasped and understood by 10 million people – at a glance?

Bork – Like I said, my intellectual process is under contract and not released to anyone without it. I can give you articles to review. The crux of what I relate is nationality is of importance.

Legendary – I have no intention of abrogating your title to intellectual process or property. I seek merely to write about it.

Bork – This is a public paper www.pacinlaw.us/expatriation …I feel that it is too much info for most people. People can screw things up…Like I note in that paper. Correction of Nationality is what I refer to, what needs to be done. It is technically expatriation.

Legendary – Very good. We can turn that into a very powerful message. Something as easy to grasp as, let’s say, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” or “Demilitarize erogenous zones.” I remember a lot of young ladies wearing that button at one time. Something that can be printed on a vest button or a business card, a bumper sticker, a piece of jewelry, silk-screened on a mirror, imprinted on a coffee cup, a t-shirt. I’m sure you get the picture.

Bork – My saying is, why is it that they don’t teach us law in school? Pretty much a no-brainer. That is what they control us with. Politics are filled with worthless nonsense, too. Law is the Achilles heel for them…No, I have not got formal training nor am I in “practice” under the bar. And I refer to them as “THEY” a lot. It would be ultimately the ones that Jesus exposed. The same clan that has been in control for thousands of years. Nothing new under the sun, as it is said. One of their bigger think tanks.

Legendary – A final question. What do you suppose Jesus taught the wise men at the Temple on that fateful day before he had reached his bar mitzvah, had become separated from his parents? Would you care to speculate?

Bork – Perhaps to protect them…Would have to have more details on it. I have looked at that topic before. I take the Bible with a grain of salt, too. Just so you know. Men assembled it, and men are bought and sold. I do believe in Jesus the Christ, and he is my savior. His teaching saved me from man.

Legendary – How can my readers get in touch with you?

Bork – www.pacalliance.us/contact

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