Top Cops Oppose media job for ex-Chief Deputy


Retired Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon says two of the area’s top cops are opposing his proposed job as a crime consultant for KWTX – 10, the local CBS outlet.

When the manhunt began for the murderous gunman who attacked a KCEN (NBC) Channel 6 meteorologist at the station’s rural I-35 location early Wednesday morning,  station executives approached the ex-Chief Deputy of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office about the position with the proviso that he could work on a non-exclusive basis and remain in contact with other media representatives.

He is fresh from a two-year stint as Chief Deputy for the Sheriff’s Office following a sudden resignation over non-disclosed “differences” in law enforcement policy at the end of October.

He made only one on-camera appearance before he learned that Sheriff Parnell McNamara and Public Safety Director /City Manager Yost Zachary had visited Gray Broadcasting’s executive suite to oppose the move.

“He’s calling me a racist,” Cawthon sputtered, saying that McNamara “dredged up” an incident that occurred two decades in the past when he and another Texas Ranger were overheard by an eavesdropper with a scanner discussing the appointment of the state’s first black female Ranger as they chatted, off duty, on their cordless phones.

Following a brief suspension by DPS, he was reinstated and finished his career. “The bottom line is, it was never proven. It was 21 years ago. Why should I have to answer for that today?”

Cawthon became a favorite of if it bleeds, it leads media reporters during his brief tenure as Chief Deputy, made popular by his media-savvy poise and the ability to give concise interviews in fast-breaking spot news situations.

“They’re threatening to cut off information,” for the media outlet, Cawthon accused. “Why would Zachary be joining up with Parnell to block me from getting a little old part time job? I do not understand why these individuals feel it is necessary to do this.”

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