‘The converse of not prostituting the system…’


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A dialogue between Ranger Matt Cawthon and Randall Scott Gates, a former dog handler at the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office…


Like the darkness on the edge of town, the diametric opposition between the viewpoints in this dispute are as indelible as the dawn.

This is a tournament of the powers that be, played for keeps, with consequences nearly as dire as those faced by Thomas More, the Undersheriff of the City of London, whom Henry VIII ordered beheaded when he refused to give his allegiance to the Anglican Church and attend the coronation of Ann Boleyn. The utopian ideal gives way to a dystopian ordeal of cognitive dissonance; the players are outfitted in raiment devised long before the renaissance occurred, prior to any mention of the concepts of the enlightenment.

A Texas Ranger serving as Chief Deputy, in upholding the traditions of a frontier republic, orders an investigation; two captains and two lieutenants conduct an investigation which concludes in strong allegations of malfeasance and misconduct against a former Lieutenant and a dog handler.

As the only truly elected representative of the people in the arena of law and order, the Sheriff makes certain adjustments, moves the players to other positions on the board, continues an aggressive and successful campaign against thieves and hustlers, dope dealers and addicts, burglars and robbers.

Thus, the investigation is incomplete. Nevertheless, there are strong feelings; opinions count, and in this intrigue, they actually are deemed quality of life issues.

In disagreement, the Ranger resigns his position. He is the only one to suffer any ill consequences of the allegations, which are serious because, based upon the training of a magnificent beast with a nose that is thousands upon thousands of percent more accurate than that of a human, people lose assets, cash, property, their children, as the result of a search and seizure based upon the probable cause of the canine’s “alert.”

The Sheriff is steadfast. He is resolute in his promises to the voters that he will conduct an all-out war on the bad folks who insert the dystopian elements of an undesirable world into their lives. The men previously investigated are working a deep night patrol shift. They routinely jail and charge significant numbers of career criminals. In private conversation, he mentions the number of an even dozen placed in custody during one twelve-hour period.

They have come forward, and wish to tell their side of the story. We eagerly await the permission of Sheriff Parnell McNamara to bring that story to our readers. And what of the dog, “Ace”? He recently worked hard to try to find a vicious individual who shot a television meteorologist as he left work, severely wounding him in a hail of gunfire that left his body and his car riddled with lead. Ace tracked him to a spot in the woods nearby, where he must have stashed his car in order to make his getaway, according to the Sheriff. – The Legendary

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