School district spin cycle

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Waco – The spin doctor is in.

Since rumors have the “have the potential to damage…any organization,” the school district has a website that will “refute” false information as reported by the community.

Here are some items Waco school administrators are giving their attention these days. Predictably, their rejoinders are a little on the dry side of the spectrum.

CSCOPE, the curriculum management tool used by Waco ISD, promotes Islam and states that instigators of the Boston Tea Party were terrorists.”

The spin doctor says it’s all part of a program to teach kids about the world’s religions, their founding and core beliefs, but it’s hardly a “promotion.” The idea is to broaden a kid’s knowledge in accordance with the goals of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) evaluation. Islam is just one of a pantheon: “One of the religions addressed is Islam and there is a lesson on the founding principles, history and beliefs of this religion just as there are for Christianity, Judaism, and other major world religions.”

After all, a very large percentage of the petroleum refined in the world’s energy production center, Houston, is extracted in principalities, kingdoms, emirates and republics where the state religion is – guess what – Islam.

The notion that “‘instigators of the Boston Tea Party were terrorists’ is a misinterpretation of the lesson.”

Tiptoeing around the issue no one talks about any more than the elephant perched on the sofa in the living room, the spin doctor became rather poetic, amplifying on the subject: It seems “the lesson explores how this same event would be viewed from the perspective of King George III. In hindsight, CSCOPE developers acknowledge a different historical event should have been used.”

And how. The Texas Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. stands at the corner of W. 8th and Columbus Ave. A large part of legal, financial, political and corporate leadership pours into town the last weekend of December each year for its Grand Annual Communication, much the same way a similar cross section of the Craft poured out of the lodge room above the harborside tavern in Boston on that fateful 18th Century night, dressed in Indian regalia and hell-bent on the destruction of coffee and tea held in bond for additional excise taxes imposed between the time the order was placed and the time of its shipment. Such a deal. Somewhere, the Knights of Columbus are smiling.

Here’s one for you. Where were the guards who were assigned to safeguard the King’s impounded goods? Asleep at the wheel, or having a snort over at the tavern?

It’s a closed-mouth fraternity, to say the least. Still, it’s a fair question.

Attendance zones to change next year? Not a problem. Population concentrations shift from year to year. “With the help of a demographer, the School Board will be exploring possible attendance zone adjustments in the coming months.” Nothing to see here, folks. Carry on.

Additional school closures and consolidations will happen soon.” The answer: “The facts: Because the State Legislature has repeatedly slashed public school funding…” Here we go again.

What is being said: Salaries for teachers were recently “cut” because of a mistake by Human Resources.” Nah. The the bean counters made a mistake that averaged about $7 per check in certain folks’ pay days. The over payments are being extracted each pay period through the end of the year, the underpayments in a similar fashion.

Hey, it’s a large corporation, and the tax burden is the largest percentage in any rate payer’s budget. Madison Avenue said it best. “What you have is good, the services your organization performs are valuable. Got troubles? Tell your story early, often, long and loud. Have a central source for your statements, an accountable place where the buck stops, and stay on message, at all costs.”

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