Offense without a name, prisoner without a charge, charge without specifications

Want to get a look at the new fascism? Get a load of the spin doctor they have at the Waco Independent School District. This is how Dale Caffey, “director of communications,” handled a simple request seeking information about a substitute teacher who was busted for possession of heroin and forgery at a school campus where she was working – a drug free zone…The offense took place on October 2; the first request for information went to the authorities on November 24; the arrest took place on December 19; and we received notification at 8 p.m. on the day that most people left town for the Christmas holiday.

Now, what if you were trying to contact a relative or a close friend who happened to “disappear” one afternoon at 4 p.m., quitting time, and you ran into all this hassle? Just suppose. Remember, we don’t know how much heroin was involved. We don’t know where or what the defendant did between October 2, the date of the intitial police complaint, and December 19, the date of the arrest and magistration, when bail was set. HIPPA. 

Dig: Information control is mind control. Click for original size:

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Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 7.38.53 PM


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