Arrest young substitute teacher for holding heroin at Waco school

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Alayne Caroline Ballantine

Waco – The war on drugs claimed another casualty when “the system” swallowed a youthful woman whole, the end result of a somewhat lengthy, very exacting legal process.

On a gray and rainy Friday morning before Christmas, two months after she was first questioned, a Waco Independent School District police officer arrested Alayne Caroline Ballantine, who resides in the 1900 block of Howard, Waco, for forgery and possession of heroin at the Lake Air Montessori Magnet School.

At the time of the offense, October 20, she worked there as a substitute teacher.

Officers arrived promptly to arrest her at half-past 9 a.m. on Friday, December 19, at a location in the 2000 block of Alexander in this city. Their arrest report lists her as unemployed.

A “light/fair” complected woman of 21, five feet, nine inches in height and weighing 120 pounds, she was working in the position on a temporary basis between courses of studies at a university professional school, where she sat for a licensing exam. The arresting officer described her speech as “polite,” her teeth “normal,” her hair “medium,” her body tattooed with a “floral pattern” on her right shoulder, a poem inscribed in indelible ink on her left shoulder blade.

An on-line entry on the “All Poetry” website attributes a verse to her pen, inscribed  “four years ago” :

Skin slowly turns grey outside

While my insides flush pink with happiness.

In comes the tide, out goes my breath.

Blah blah blah. –

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According to informed sources, the tall, slender young woman became emotionally distraught when confronted about purloined checks taken from a fellow teacher’s purse; she reportedly surprised police officers when she suddenly blurted out the details of her problem – addiction to hard drugs – as they questioned her on October 20. A search of her purse yielded an unspecified quantity of the drug, which is classified as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance.

The fact that she was apprehended with the drug on elementary school property located in a drug free zone is an aggravation to the offense, which in any case is classified in “punishment group 1.” The penalty range under the Texas Health and Safety Code varies from a State Jail Felony for possession of less than one gram of the substance to life imprisonment, or for a term of not more than 99 years, if of an aggregate weight including adulterants and dilutants of 400 grams (14.1 ounces) or more.

A magistrate set her bail at $3,000 on the forgery charge and $5,000 for possession of heroin at an elementary school.

Dale Caffey, Waco Independent School District director of communications, made the arrest information available following a request for public information under the provisions of the Texas Open Records Act that was e-mailed on December 1 and received on Dec. 2.

He responded to that request on December 4, writing that “a forgery investigation by the Waco ISD Police Department that is currently underway is expected to result in an arrest. At this time, an arrest report with regard to this incident does not exist…Paperwork has been filed and appropriate documents are being secured by the Waco ISD Police Department in order to properly execute an arrest. We expect the arrest to occur this month.”

Mr. Caffey supplied no arrest identification photograph of the accused offender. The Legendary obtained the photograph depicted above from a Facebook page. It lists her occupation as “substitute teacher.”

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