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Tony Calhoun

Tony, Calhoun, singer-songwriter, bass man in The Mojo Assassins


WACO – Tony Calhoun wears an ascot that conceals a shield against beams of radiation he says are aimed at his throat. It’s similar to the kind x-ray technicians wear. He wears a quarter inserted in his left ear.


For the past decade and a half – ever since the Patriot Act took effect by a near-unanimous act of Congress – he has had the feeling he is bombarded with microwaves, tingling radioactive waves that burn his skin, irritate his throat and leave scars on his back and face.

“They shoot me through my ear,” he says. “It burns my throat…It feels hot; it feels like someone has a blow dryer on my back.

“They didn’t expect my father to live as long as he did.”

He’s not alone. His brother just died. In fact, Calhoun had just come from an appointment at the funeral home where he helped his family finalize arrangements when he sat down for this interview. His father died recently at the age of 86. They, too, complained about the same type of attacks he suspects are directed against himself.

An infantry veteran of 6 years active duty, he led Army bands and once served as a guard for the notorious Nazi war criminal Rudolph Hess, who died at 93 years of age in 1987 of suicide while serving a life sentence in Spandau Royal Prison, Berlin.

The first attack came late one night as he drove home to Waco from a gig in Whitney. The Patriot Act had just been passed at the height of the build-up to an emotional war following 9/11. An aircraft – a hovering helicopter, burned his arm by shooting a burst of energy through the window of his car.

Does he think this is experimental warfare?

Yes, but why go on so long with it, he asks. They call it “slow kill,” he replies. “Look it up. Slow kill, targeted individual.”

The only respite from being what is known as a “Targeted Individual,” he insists, is through a spiritual approach such as that taken by devotees of a program known as “FREEDOM FCHS.” (Freedom from covert harassment and surveillance)

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