Symbolism of sword in hand, Koran in the other

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BULLETIN: The Commander of the 46th State Legion decided that since there would be no CAIR demonstration on Saturday, he and his men would stand down in their plans to hold a counter-demonstration at Penn Square Mall. But Commander Floyd Breshears of the Oklahoma III%er’s decided he and his men will attend, as planned, at 3 p.m.

ASKED if his outfit intends to only react to what the Council on American Islamic Relations does, he replied:

“We’ve had an act of terrorism here, and we’re going to acknowledge it. It’s a chance to make a statement. This is an opportunity to go proactive and let the world know we will not tolerate the beheading of innocent women.” – The Legendary

Oklahoma City – When Alton Nolen beheaded a 54-year-old female co-worker after his employer fired him on Thursday, September 25, nothing could have been more symbolic in this city situated in America’s heartland, a regional capital of what could pass for part of OPEC – Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Nolen played out the horror of the attack against a backdrop of subdued conflict between Jews and Christians, referred to by the faithful as “the people of the book,” and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which on the previous Friday, September 19, staged a protest at a sprawling shopping mall on the city’s north side, Penn Square.

Fridays in the souk, or market place, are reserved for executions, polemics and other ceremonial religious events that precede the weekly sermon. Sometimes during Friday sermons, the mullah holds a sword in hand, or places one in sight, if not displaying a pike or other fearsome weapon. In this case, the Muslims had protested publicly that the methods of ISIS (Islamic State in Syria) are not those espoused by mainstream adherents of Islam. Though it made the evening news, it was a quiet affair that received little other notice.

A black man of 30, Nolen had been released from the penitentiary the previous Spring after serving time for assaulting an Oklahoma State Trooper. His record shows numerous arrests for similar assaults and drug charges. While locked up, Nolen acquired an affinity for Islam. He had been attempting to convert his co-workers at Vaughan Foods in the nearby industrial suburb of Moore. For some reason as yet unrevealed, the management summoned him to the employee relations office in a separate building at the plant near I-35 and W. 12th St., and told him his employment had been terminated.

At that point, Nolen abandoned the fabled jihad of the tongue and took up the sword. He got in an automobile and crashed into another on a brief jaunt across the parking lot, where he rushed through the front doors of the building into an area reserved for customer service.

There, he encountered Colleen Hufford, 54, an individual who was merely “in his way,” according to Sgt. Jeremy Lewis of the local police department. He stabbed her and cut her throat, then completely beheaded her before turning his attack upon Traci Johnson, 43, who had been working with a customer.

He used a knife of the type that production workers use in the food processing plant to slice, dice, and chop vegetables and fruit such as red cabbage, tomatoes,, strawberries, carrots and pineapple, to stab her numerous times.

“He wasn’t going to stop,” Sgt. Lewis told newsmen, and when former owner Mark Vaughan arrived, he used a firearm to subdue the rampaging ex-convict. Mr. Vaughan is a reserve Deputy Sheriff’s officer who now serves as the company’s chief operating officer.

Local law enforcement officials were quick to say they suspect no terrorism in Nolen’s motives.

Both Ms. Johnson and her attacker are resting peacefully in hospital, recovering from their wounds. Police invited the FBI to conduct a background investigation on Nolen.

Meanwhile, the Oklahoma III%er’s, a militia movement with members throughout the state, plan to muster in the souk – ah, that is, the Penn Square Mall – at 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 27, there to stand in stoic military formation in response to the CAIR protest of the previous Friday.

“Let them do what they choose,” said their Commander,  Floyd Breshears, who hails from Kiamichi, the land of the Winding Stair, in the southeast corner of the state. “We deploy as an a effort to keep the peace in conjunction with other militias in Oklahoma who stand up for our peace and security. We will not be in uniform and will not open carry. Chain of command to be absolutely adhered to.”

Alton Nolen

Alton Nolen

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