Patriots find formula that works on border


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Armed patriots encamped in “no man’s land” – a walled-off slice of America along the banks of the Rio Grande at Brownsville – have found a way to establish a presence that turns illegal aliens and drug smugglers around and sends them packing back to Mexico.

According to their Commander K.C. Massey, this sustained border presence is proving the fact that armed patriots can and do make a difference along a troubled international boundary – legally.

In a far-ranging BlogTalk Radio interview on “Conspiracy Corner,” a group of men involved in the struggle to make Americans aware that they are being short-changed by their government in the performance of one of the most important enumerated powers granted by the Constitution, Massey and others make clear and lay bare the true nature of the border disputes that exist as much between Americans and their government as between the government and the criminals who threaten the integrity of American borders.

There are allegations of FBI-controlled provocateurs operating with the aim of disinforming and misinforming the public through the creation of confusion and rumors of false flag events, as well as swindlers who are suspected of setting up funding schemes to supply armed volunteers, then abscond with the funds.

For a digest of some of the highlights of the hour and a half presentation, follow this link:

To listen to the entire presentation, follow this link: #BlogTalkRadio

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