Maestro of the trailer truckers’ DC traffic jam

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Former flip and foreclose specialist

Go figure.

In the great scheme of things, you have the builders of bridges, the scions of progress who make new bridal paths for the iron monsters; they level the hills, straighten the curves.

And then you have those who specialize in traffic jams, the creators of confusion. You will find them everywhere, but especially around the produce districts, the places where garments are produced, liquor is sold, served, consumed, in the hell towns of the frontier, where money changes hands on the turn of the wheel, a toss of the dice.

It’s an art, a game played for keeps. In the great scheme of history, some play on a grand scale that spans continents, this ringolevio perfected in the market stall, the tailor shop, the trattoria.

Consider, then, a certain bambino of bombast, Pete Santilli, a self-described guerilla journalist of social media, talk show host, an activist, a man whose hyperbolic rhetoric stands out in stark relief among overarching competition from both left and right.

For a sample of what this ex-Marine is capable of in his daily rant, follow this link:

He creates traffic jams, and he’s good at it. There was a “Truckers’ Ride for the Constitution that was designed to jam up D.C. from the Beltway to the Mall, and could have done so, except for a certain well-known government program, more of which will be discussed anon.

Then there was this summer’s border tour from San Diego to Brownsville. At the halfway point, La Raza Unida and the El Paso Police Department helped bring traffic to a standstill on Interstate 10. But it takes two to tango, and things like that don’t happen in a vacuum. Nothing could be more repugnant to los chicanos, those seek the glory of Aztlan, than a border jammed up with big, stinking trucks driven by fat, hairy, irascible gringos with bad attitudes.

Members of the blog talk radio cognoscenti soon learned that Santilli had met his match, a certain FBI Special Agent named Daphne Hearn whose resume is studded with the esoterica of opposing the practitioners of confusion on an up close and personal basis:

“Hearn was hand-picked by former director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, in 2012 to become the “special agent in charge” of the San Diego division of the FBI.”

Hearn worked under operations for the FBI such as:

Infiltrating the La Cosa Nostra families in Buffalo, New York
• Organized Crime Task Force out of Chicago division FBI office
• Managed national initiatives for the Organized Crime Section of the Criminal Investigative Division of the FBI headquarters
• Special Operations Group out of the Kansas City field office
• Oversight of the Heart of America Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (HARCFL), and the Cyber Crime Task Force (CCTF)
• Assistant chief of the International Operations Division (IOD)
• Special assistant to Mueller in daily operational and administrative oversight of the FBI

Hearn specialized in:

• Surveillance
• Technical assets
• Counter-intelligence
• Cyber activities for the FBI

The Pete Santilli story has elements of all that – and a bag of chips.

The story goes that in the big middle of operations creating confusion in D.C., a certain clerk “accidentally” threw a certain frantic fax from Santilli in a wastebasket at the FBI Field Office in Sacramento. When the janitor found it, he “smuggled” it out, according to communiques from Anonymous, the hactivists who Santilli claimed were making his life miserable with their various machinations and their manipulations of his cyber presence. Oh, dear.


Santilli’s Daphne Hearn fax (click to enlarge)

Here’s what it says:

You assured me that this would not happen and I would not be made out to be the scapegoat. That is what is currently happennig as I am being attacked on all fronts now. Where is my protection? YOU NEED TO UPHOLD YOUR END! I am losing viewership instead of gaining as was assured by Daphne Hearns. You said Susan would not be incriminated in this and now she is. Why won’t you answer my calls? This is behond pathetic at this point. You do this to everyone in trouble, and you leave them out to burn. I am not the one for this type of game. We are both on the verge of being outed and need your help now.

I need to speak with someone asap before they really come after me and my family. They are ussing death threats and posting personal information and myaddresses. They have been in and out of my systems and I don’t know what they have athis point. They could have all the docs and I can’t even verify this. Yes I was supposed to decide but I need to protect myself as is being shown now. I thought someone was going to verify what has been comprimised. This has gone to far and I need real assistance to get me out of this mess. They have anonymous organizations attacking me and I am running out of people to blame. And I assure you if I get found out, you get found out. I will use my show to broadcast MY version of everything, that you approached me and forced me into this position. I swear to god if someone doesn’t get back to me now I will NOT lose my show over this!

To watch a dramatization of exactly how these capers are arranged, follow this link. It leads to a scene excerpted from HBO’s hit series, “The Sopranos.”

 One is reminded of the Purple Gang of Detroit, the “Little Jewish Navy” who raced Customs nightly across the river from Windsor, Ontario, with loads of Canadian blend. The story goes that a crusading radio broadcasting star inveighed against their exploits on a daily basis – until elements of the gang invaded the studio and cut his throat with a straight razor – on the air. But that was long ago…

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