‘In a world of steel-eyed death where men are fighting to be warm’

Oklahoma III%er’s outside the entrance to Penn Square Mall

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We’ve had an act of terrorism here, and we’re going to acknowledge it. It’s a chance to make a statement. This is an opportunity to go proactive and let the world know we will not tolerate the beheading of innocent women.” – Floyd Breshears, commander Oklahoma III%er’s

Oklahoma City – When law enforcement and media termed the beheading murder of a 54-year-old woman at an area food processing plant to be something other than an act of terrorism, members of the militia responded.


They gathered at Penn Square Mall, an opulent shopping center on the city’s north side, to stand up for a common sense definition for an act of terror that fits any dictionary explanation for what actually happened, an act of murder that was designed to strike fear in the population for a political purpose.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.19.34 AM

The previous Friday, members of the Council on American Islamic Relations had appeared at the mall – by any common sense definition an example of the Arabic souk, or central market – to protest the ISIS style of jihad is not their idea of a practice of the Islamic faith.



Asked for their opinion, these members of what legal scholars term the “unorganized militia” implied in the Second Amendment’s guarantee that a “well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state,” all between the ages of 14 and 70 as defined by the Oklahoma State Constitution, gave varying answers that held a common element.



They are determined that they will not tolerate violence against the people, and furthermore, they are scornful of any view taken by self-appointed interpreters of events such as news media or law enforcement officers.

Follow this link for an audio presentation of their answers gathered on Saturday, September 27:


This couple arrived late, wearing impromptu masks fashioned from bandanas. They refused all comment, remained aloof, and made an extensive number of photographs of people at the gathering. Members of the III%er movement said they see them at most gatherings of patriots in the Oklahoma City area, where they always wear the masks. Asked why, the man in the mask replied, “I’m on the FBI Watch List.”

This CNN report, which aired on Saturday, September 27, quotes an ISIS spokesman who called on Islamic faithful to make lone wolf attacks throughout America and Europe.

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Symbolism of sword in hand, Koran in the other

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BULLETIN: The Commander of the 46th State Legion decided that since there would be no CAIR demonstration on Saturday, he and his men would stand down in their plans to hold a counter-demonstration at Penn Square Mall. But Commander Floyd Breshears of the Oklahoma III%er’s decided he and his men will attend, as planned, at 3 p.m.

ASKED if his outfit intends to only react to what the Council on American Islamic Relations does, he replied:

“We’ve had an act of terrorism here, and we’re going to acknowledge it. It’s a chance to make a statement. This is an opportunity to go proactive and let the world know we will not tolerate the beheading of innocent women.” – The Legendary

Oklahoma City – When Alton Nolen beheaded a 54-year-old female co-worker after his employer fired him on Thursday, September 25, nothing could have been more symbolic in this city situated in America’s heartland, a regional capital of what could pass for part of OPEC – Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Nolen played out the horror of the attack against a backdrop of subdued conflict between Jews and Christians, referred to by the faithful as “the people of the book,” and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which on the previous Friday, September 19, staged a protest at a sprawling shopping mall on the city’s north side, Penn Square.

Fridays in the souk, or market place, are reserved for executions, polemics and other ceremonial religious events that precede the weekly sermon. Sometimes during Friday sermons, the mullah holds a sword in hand, or places one in sight, if not displaying a pike or other fearsome weapon. In this case, the Muslims had protested publicly that the methods of ISIS (Islamic State in Syria) are not those espoused by mainstream adherents of Islam. Though it made the evening news, it was a quiet affair that received little other notice.

A black man of 30, Nolen had been released from the penitentiary the previous Spring after serving time for assaulting an Oklahoma State Trooper. His record shows numerous arrests for similar assaults and drug charges. While locked up, Nolen acquired an affinity for Islam. He had been attempting to convert his co-workers at Vaughan Foods in the nearby industrial suburb of Moore. For some reason as yet unrevealed, the management summoned him to the employee relations office in a separate building at the plant near I-35 and W. 12th St., and told him his employment had been terminated.

At that point, Nolen abandoned the fabled jihad of the tongue and took up the sword. He got in an automobile and crashed into another on a brief jaunt across the parking lot, where he rushed through the front doors of the building into an area reserved for customer service.

There, he encountered Colleen Hufford, 54, an individual who was merely “in his way,” according to Sgt. Jeremy Lewis of the local police department. He stabbed her and cut her throat, then completely beheaded her before turning his attack upon Traci Johnson, 43, who had been working with a customer.

He used a knife of the type that production workers use in the food processing plant to slice, dice, and chop vegetables and fruit such as red cabbage, tomatoes,, strawberries, carrots and pineapple, to stab her numerous times.

“He wasn’t going to stop,” Sgt. Lewis told newsmen, and when former owner Mark Vaughan arrived, he used a firearm to subdue the rampaging ex-convict. Mr. Vaughan is a reserve Deputy Sheriff’s officer who now serves as the company’s chief operating officer.

Local law enforcement officials were quick to say they suspect no terrorism in Nolen’s motives.

Both Ms. Johnson and her attacker are resting peacefully in hospital, recovering from their wounds. Police invited the FBI to conduct a background investigation on Nolen.

Meanwhile, the Oklahoma III%er’s, a militia movement with members throughout the state, plan to muster in the souk – ah, that is, the Penn Square Mall – at 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 27, there to stand in stoic military formation in response to the CAIR protest of the previous Friday.

“Let them do what they choose,” said their Commander,  Floyd Breshears, who hails from Kiamichi, the land of the Winding Stair, in the southeast corner of the state. “We deploy as an a effort to keep the peace in conjunction with other militias in Oklahoma who stand up for our peace and security. We will not be in uniform and will not open carry. Chain of command to be absolutely adhered to.”

Alton Nolen

Alton Nolen

Patriots find formula that works on border


Armed patriots encamped in “no man’s land” – a walled-off slice of America along the banks of the Rio Grande at Brownsville – have found a way to establish a presence that turns illegal aliens and drug smugglers around and sends them packing back to Mexico.

According to their Commander K.C. Massey, this sustained border presence is proving the fact that armed patriots can and do make a difference along a troubled international boundary – legally.

In a far-ranging BlogTalk Radio interview on “Conspiracy Corner,” a group of men involved in the struggle to make Americans aware that they are being short-changed by their government in the performance of one of the most important enumerated powers granted by the Constitution, Massey and others make clear and lay bare the true nature of the border disputes that exist as much between Americans and their government as between the government and the criminals who threaten the integrity of American borders.

There are allegations of FBI-controlled provocateurs operating with the aim of disinforming and misinforming the public through the creation of confusion and rumors of false flag events, as well as swindlers who are suspected of setting up funding schemes to supply armed volunteers, then abscond with the funds.

For a digest of some of the highlights of the hour and a half presentation, follow this link:

To listen to the entire presentation, follow this link:

http://tobtr.com/s/6832807 #BlogTalkRadio

Maestro of the trailer truckers’ DC traffic jam

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.45.51 AM

Former flip and foreclose specialist

Go figure.

In the great scheme of things, you have the builders of bridges, the scions of progress who make new bridal paths for the iron monsters; they level the hills, straighten the curves.

And then you have those who specialize in traffic jams, the creators of confusion. You will find them everywhere, but especially around the produce districts, the places where garments are produced, liquor is sold, served, consumed, in the hell towns of the frontier, where money changes hands on the turn of the wheel, a toss of the dice.

It’s an art, a game played for keeps. In the great scheme of history, some play on a grand scale that spans continents, this ringolevio perfected in the market stall, the tailor shop, the trattoria.

Consider, then, a certain bambino of bombast, Pete Santilli, a self-described guerilla journalist of social media, talk show host, an activist, a man whose hyperbolic rhetoric stands out in stark relief among overarching competition from both left and right.

For a sample of what this ex-Marine is capable of in his daily rant, follow this link:


He creates traffic jams, and he’s good at it. There was a “Truckers’ Ride for the Constitution that was designed to jam up D.C. from the Beltway to the Mall, and could have done so, except for a certain well-known government program, more of which will be discussed anon.

Then there was this summer’s border tour from San Diego to Brownsville. At the halfway point, La Raza Unida and the El Paso Police Department helped bring traffic to a standstill on Interstate 10. But it takes two to tango, and things like that don’t happen in a vacuum. Nothing could be more repugnant to los chicanos, those seek the glory of Aztlan, than a border jammed up with big, stinking trucks driven by fat, hairy, irascible gringos with bad attitudes.

Members of the blog talk radio cognoscenti soon learned that Santilli had met his match, a certain FBI Special Agent named Daphne Hearn whose resume is studded with the esoterica of opposing the practitioners of confusion on an up close and personal basis:

“Hearn was hand-picked by former director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, in 2012 to become the “special agent in charge” of the San Diego division of the FBI.”

Hearn worked under operations for the FBI such as:

Infiltrating the La Cosa Nostra families in Buffalo, New York
• Organized Crime Task Force out of Chicago division FBI office
• Managed national initiatives for the Organized Crime Section of the Criminal Investigative Division of the FBI headquarters
• Special Operations Group out of the Kansas City field office
• Oversight of the Heart of America Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (HARCFL), and the Cyber Crime Task Force (CCTF)
• Assistant chief of the International Operations Division (IOD)
• Special assistant to Mueller in daily operational and administrative oversight of the FBI

Hearn specialized in:

• Surveillance
• Technical assets
• Counter-intelligence
• Cyber activities for the FBI

The Pete Santilli story has elements of all that – and a bag of chips.

The story goes that in the big middle of operations creating confusion in D.C., a certain clerk “accidentally” threw a certain frantic fax from Santilli in a wastebasket at the FBI Field Office in Sacramento. When the janitor found it, he “smuggled” it out, according to communiques from Anonymous, the hactivists who Santilli claimed were making his life miserable with their various machinations and their manipulations of his cyber presence. Oh, dear.


Santilli’s Daphne Hearn fax (click to enlarge)

Here’s what it says:

You assured me that this would not happen and I would not be made out to be the scapegoat. That is what is currently happennig as I am being attacked on all fronts now. Where is my protection? YOU NEED TO UPHOLD YOUR END! I am losing viewership instead of gaining as was assured by Daphne Hearns. You said Susan would not be incriminated in this and now she is. Why won’t you answer my calls? This is behond pathetic at this point. You do this to everyone in trouble, and you leave them out to burn. I am not the one for this type of game. We are both on the verge of being outed and need your help now.

I need to speak with someone asap before they really come after me and my family. They are ussing death threats and posting personal information and myaddresses. They have been in and out of my systems and I don’t know what they have athis point. They could have all the docs and I can’t even verify this. Yes I was supposed to decide but I need to protect myself as is being shown now. I thought someone was going to verify what has been comprimised. This has gone to far and I need real assistance to get me out of this mess. They have anonymous organizations attacking me and I am running out of people to blame. And I assure you if I get found out, you get found out. I will use my show to broadcast MY version of everything, that you approached me and forced me into this position. I swear to god if someone doesn’t get back to me now I will NOT lose my show over this!

To watch a dramatization of exactly how these capers are arranged, follow this link. It leads to a scene excerpted from HBO’s hit series, “The Sopranos.”


 One is reminded of the Purple Gang of Detroit, the “Little Jewish Navy” who raced Customs nightly across the river from Windsor, Ontario, with loads of Canadian blend. The story goes that a crusading radio broadcasting star inveighed against their exploits on a daily basis – until elements of the gang invaded the studio and cut his throat with a straight razor – on the air. But that was long ago…

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‘Is that all there is to it?’

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.43.33 AM

The busiest commercial bridge in the  world

On the Texas-Mexico Border – A commander of armed patriots helping property owners slow the tide of illegal immigration and drug smuggling had a national impact on a protest scheduled to take place over the weekend, an action that would have slowed international traffic from San Diego to the Gulf of Mexico.

All he had to do was post a simple statement on a social media site, his Facebook wall. The word spread like wildfire.

K.C. Massey, III, heads up Camp Lone Star in Brownsville’s “no man’s land” – an area walled off from the rest of America. With command of a lean force of a dozen men, he is particular about who he welcomes and when he receives visitors.

He put his foot down Friday when he learned that a man he had previously run off was spreading rumors about a bomb attack on the international truck bridge at Laredo, something that would have had a devastating impact on the economy of an entire continent.

To complicate matters, he came in off a patrol with his men and found yet another unwelcome guest, this one a man who claims ties to a militia in Arizona, holding forth for a video production crew from Home Box Office. The problem: he demands approval before, during and after interviews during visits from the media.

All this occurred about sundown on Friday, September 19, and he marked the occasion by posting this announcement on his Facebook wall:

We are being tricked! We have patriots turned bad + moles + press that is trying to make people think this is a militia event. They are hoping that because of their reporting that militia will come. It is all being put in place to use us patriots to start a war. I have been working on this Intel for a while now. Please do not attend this event. It will only hurt everything that we are trying to accomplish and that is the mission of several people behind this event!!! KC Massey III

A war prosecuted by whom, waged upon which enemies?

Asked point blank, Massey said he meant a war by the U.S. Government, carried out against the people of the United States. Nothing doing. He sees all such rumor and innuendos as the deeds of agents provocateur. Massey suspects these men – and a few women – are secretly working for the government of the U.S.

When the reply came at 5 a.m. California time, it was concise and to the point:

There has been an unsubstantiated threat of mass violence to attendees, along with very suspicious activity on the Facebook site. These two items are more than enough for me to immediately stop any protest that was going to occur.

Your lives, and the lives of our law enforcement, are more important than any protest.

…Staysi Barth, Lake Elsinore, California

Predictably, there was no protest at any border crossing – from California to Texas.

When the HBO crew came back as previously invited for the next day, he took them on a patrol to the river, to a busy crossing place where concrete debris makes natural stepping stones. When he poked his head through the brush, he confronted a group of five in a makeshift boat fashioned from a water tank, just as they reached the American shore.

They turned tail and beat it back to the bank on the Mexican side.

“She (the HBO correspondent) asked me, ‘Is that all there is to it?'”

The formula, he explains, is simply to place American  men between the illegal immigrants and drug smugglers. They leave immediately because they don’t want a confrontation. This uncommon solution to a very complicated problem he attributes to common sense. There isn’t much of it around any more, according to Massey.

To carry a rifle in self defense is a God-given right, he explains. The U.S. Constitution merely guarantees that the central government will not interfere with that.

To hear a full-length audio interview, follow this link:

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.17.18 AM

K.C. Massey, III, Commander of Camp Lone Star

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From the memory hole

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.22.34 PM

Judson Witham, Glens Falls, New York

This last was for the disposal of waste paper. Similar slits existed in thousands or tens of thousands throughout the building, not only in every room but at short intervals in every corridor. For some reason they were nicknamed memory holes. When one knew that any document was due for destruction, or even when one saw a scrap of waste paper lying about, it was an automatic action to lift the flap of the nearest memory hole and drop it in, whereupon it would be whirled away on a current of warm air to the enormous furnaces which were hidden somewhere in the recesses of the building. – George Orwell, 1984

Houston – This guy is from old-line upstate New Yorker origins, looks like he just stepped out of a Washington Irving tale, and claims multi-generations of relations with a long line of “poor fellow soldiers of Christ of the Temple of Solomon at Jerusalem,” the famed Knights Templar of the Crusades.

Until you get a chance to talk to the man, you don’t really grasp the burning anger that drives his need.

Judson Witham has spent years upon years making smirking, half-insulting videos in which he makes obscure references to people and places that seem so remote from the normal person’s life that one gets lost in the blur. The simple truth is, he is here to tell all comers, is he got ripped off by bankers and public officials he feels he can prove have deceived he and millions of other people to the tune of trillions of dollars raised through illicit means to finance undeclared, clandestine wars they can’t begin to pay for from the public coffers of the U.S. Treasury.


He says it all goes back to the push by the neoconservative adherents of the Reagan Administration in the pell mell headlong dash of the early 80’s to deregulate the operation of savings and loans and banks, a national policy move that made it possible for anyone, literally anyone, including mafia chieftains, arms merchants, real estate hustlers and other assorted con men, to acquire and maintain a thrift or bank, finance and “flip” marginal property developments through rigged appraisals, dummy partnerships, and quickie paper chase transactions, then borrow big and pay back slow – or not at all – from behind the impenetrable veil of corporate finance, coupled with the black ops world of no questions, no prisoners – and no-tell national security.

Bid it up, merge, buy, sell, or just flat out get cronies in the world of understaffed, de-funded and diminished-thunder bank regulatory agencies to declare the institution insolvent, take the money, and run. All this and more is fair in the New World Order.

Back in the mid-80’s, way before anyone had heard of the Resolution Trust Corporation, too-big-to-fail, or any of the rest of the teflon-coated jazz that comes with it, Witham and a partner named Andrew W. Mark invested in some lots in what is known as Pine Village, Sections 1 and 2, a development in the woods of Montgomery County near Conroe, Texas, near The Woodlands, an enclave of proud neocon fame.

What kind of place is it? Here are a couple of hints. Names of the old-time turpentine camps and logging hell towns number among them such monikers as “Point Blank,” and “Cut and Shoot.” Behold the verbiage from a federal lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Department litigated during the same era.

The evidence presented to the jury demonstrated that on or about January 10, 1983, the plaintiff was taken into custody by a Montgomery County Deputy Sheriff after an automobile accident in which plaintiff was involved as a passenger. Testimony was presented that at the time plaintiff was placed in his cell, the officer incited the other inmates to assault the plaintiff by telling an inmate to ‘take care of’ the plaintiff because he had ‘shot two little kids on a three-wheeler.’ Plaintiff was severely beaten while in the cell and sustained bodily injuries.”

At the time, Mark and Witham filled out an owner financing loan applications with Western Bank, an outfit with headquarters near the glitzy Galleria off South Post Oak Road at Westheimer, near River Oaks, a deep dish oil business refuge for black gold money, both old and new.

When the two learned they could get no assurance of a clear title due to transactions that took place prior to their financing arrangements with Western Bank, they filed suit in April, 1986, claiming deceptive trade practices and fraud. Witham estimates that liens previous to those stipulated in his sales contracts amounted to a figure “in excess of $590,000 prior to their ‘flipping’ the project for the fifth time to Clesson Land Development.” According to court papers Witham filed later, there is a judgment against a previous owner for $1,850,000.  All this over two lots he acquired for $1,850 apiece and a home he built valued at $100,000.

What’s more, he was right on time for Congressional hearings into the White House’s undercover dealings with arms merchants trading airplane parts for cash to buy weapons for secret private armies in Nicaragua and Honduras, and the cocaine they used to finance their operations in order to resupply the “contras” without Congressional oversight. Neocons everywhere credit Oliver North, Richard Secord and John Singlaub with their patriotism and “stopping Communism before it reached the Mexican border.”

Did I hear someone mention the legendary exploits of Milo Minderbinder Enterprises and Catch 22?

Witham demanded clear title and $250,000 in damages.

And then lightning struck. “I went over to my friend’s house and found the door standing wide open, all his guns and valuables in plain sight, and my friend, lying face down in a pool of blood with a gunshot to his head,” Witham recalls.

A motion filed by Andrew Mark’s brother made a euphemistic reference to the event as a “suggestion of death.” His executor sought to stay with the suit.

Quizzed about what he thinks happened, Witham recalls that just days previous, his friend had accompanied agents of the government of The Phillippines to take a look at many acres of property owned by Ferdinand Marcos, the dictator deposed by Corazon Aquino. They were looking for their money, too.

What happened to the lawsuit?

The Texas Banking Commission informed the Court that Western Bank was insolvent and informed the FDIC.

Says Witham, “That wasn’t the truth. The truth was that the Western Bank declared ITSELF insolvent.”

One may believe that Witham’s verbal delivery includes the distinct impression that the letters of some of his words are CAPITALIZED.

Witham’s attorney Tim Herron got cold feet when his client refused to settle for clear title from Western Bank – and no assurance of the satisfaction of previous liens. He made a motion to withdraw in which he told the judge, “Judson Witham more recently indicated that he would be agreeable to settlement; however, he now indicates he wishes to pursue the lawsuit. Such position has put this law firm in an ethical compromise and the pursuit of such objective as espoused by Judson Witham is repugnant or imprudent, causing fundamental disagreement between this law firm and Judson Witham…”

Guy wanted out badly, and it showed in the motions he filed.

In his second request to be allowed to withdraw, he showed the judge that he had assured Witham that, “,..the FDIC would give you title to the property made the subject of this lawsuit, clear of any liens the FDIC may have on the property, However, the FDIC cannot warrant clear title beyond their own liens. It is my opinion this is a good settlement and I would propose to you that should any other liens be found on the property, I would be willing to pursue suit on your behalf…”

When the attorney walked away, the judge dismissed the suit and ordered both parties to pay their own expenses.

Only the motions and orders relating to those transactions are today extant in the Harris County District Clerk’s office. The original and amended petitions, the plaintiffs’ answer, and all other relevant papers have been destroyed – down the memory hole. Like the party officials of Ingsoc in Orwell’s classic novel about totalitarianism, the past being prelude to the future, the government controls the history of what happened. Relying upon one’s own memory is purely a matter of “doublethink.”

“At that point, my right to discovery became moot,” Witham recalls.

Nevertheless, the public may yet get a look at what went on in those heady days of the Gipper ascendant if the judge of the 334th District Court allows revisitation of the suit.

Witham filed on Monday, September 15, an action for “fraud upon the court.” He says he can prove that Western Bank and RLG Holdings, based in Geneva, Switzerland, are far from insolvent.

“I have learned beyond any doubt that they are not broke…These people have billions, many times over.”

He is suing for a pre-and-post judgment of $1,250,000, plus $5 million in punitive damages.

He fairly shouted a string of references to “Charlie Wilson’s War,” in which the east Texas Congressman made it easy for the CIA to funnel lots of money to the Taliban in “Operation Cyclone,” Oliver North, Richard Secord, and an obscure police-involved shooting.

Richard Carnaby, a man long regarded as an agent for CIA, died at a freeway road block after a Houston Police officer shot him.  The cops trailed Carnaby for several miles after they said an officer observed him speeding.

Following the 2008 shooting, the CIA disavowed any relations with Carnaby, though his ex-wife and bride-to-be, as well as friends and family, had for many years regarded him as a spook with papers, identification, credentials, and the mementos of a career bureaucrat to prove it.

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Constitutional amendment To Nullify Citizen United v. FEC

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.52.09 PM

BULLETIN: With 3/5 required, the Senate rejected a motion for cloture on Senate Joint Resolution 19 with 54 yea votes and 42 nays, 4 not voting, on Sept. 12…Had the motion passed, the matter would have been closed for debate and brought immediately to the floor for a yes or no vote.  The vote split along party lines with Democratic Senators in support, Republicans in opposition. 


Citizen United v. F.E.C. Is a landmark high court decision handed down in 2010 that granted First Amendment rights to corporations and political action committees to buy and pay for political advertisements, granting those legal entities the same right to political speech as individuals. Backers of the litigation included such deep pockets conservative luminaries as the Koch Brothers, funders of many astroturf Tea Party conservative causes. These Senators seek to nullify that right through this constitutional amendment, which if it passes both houses by a super majority of three-quarters, will be sent to be ratified by at least three-fourths of the 50 states.

 Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico is the author of the amendment, which was backed by petition signatures of more than two million voters. He stated that the proposed amendment is about “restoring the First Amendment so it applies equally to all Americans.” He went on to say that “our access to constitutional rights and our ability to participate in the democratic process should not be based on our net worth.”

Mr. UDALL of New Mexico (for himself, Mr. BENNET, Mr. HARKIN, Mr. SCHUMER, Mrs. SHAHEEN, Mr. WHITEHOUSE, Mr. TESTER, Mrs. BOXER, Mr. COONS, Mr. KING, Mr. MURPHY, Mr. WYDEN, Mr. FRANKEN, Ms. KLOBUCHAR, Mr. UDALL of Colorado, Mr. JOHNSON of South Dakota, Mr. MENENDEZ, Mr. REED, Mr. BLUMENTHAL, Mr. HEINRICH, Mr. MERKLEY, Mrs. FEINSTEIN, Mr. BEGICH, Mr. CARDIN, Mrs. GILLIBRAND, Mrs. HAGAN, Ms. MIKULSKI, Ms. BALDWIN, Mr. MARKEY, Ms. WARREN, Mr. BROWN, Mr. WALSH, Mr. DURBIN, Mr. REID, Ms. HIRONO, Mr. CARPER, Mrs. MURRAY, Mr. SCHATZ, Mr. SANDERS, Mr. ROCKEFELLER, Ms. STABENOW, Mr. BOOKER, Ms. HEITKAMP, Mr. MANCHIN, Mrs. MCCASKILL, Ms. CANTWELL, and Mr. NELSON) introduced the following joint resolution; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary

Section 1 – To advance democratic self-government and political equality, and to protect the integrity of government and the electoral process, Congres and the States may regulate and set reasonable limits on the raising and spending of money by candidates and others to influence elections.

Section 2 – Congress and the State shall have power to implement and enforce this article by apprpriate legislation, and may distinguish between natural persons and corporations or other artificial entities created by law, including by prohibiting such entities from spending money to influence elections.

Section 3 – Nothing in this article shall be construed to grant Congress or the States the power to abridge the freedom of the press.”

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The drug corridor

Cartel del Golfo

C-D-G stands for Cartel Del Golfo

No Man’s Land – Brownsville – In a spy vs. spy dispute that looks like it might be a double cross, federal agents kept armed volunteers busy in a dispute over whether a volunteer citizen soldier had the right to carry a weapon on private property.

When K.C. Massey’s  III%er’s arrived at their post in “no man’s land” with intentions to keep a watch for persons attempting to cross the river from Mexico, they didn’t realize they were smack dab in the “corridor” drug smugglers use to bring in contraband through a wooded area of a wildlife refuge.

They got there at the invitation of a caretaker who said he needed help cleaning up garbage and trash left behind by smugglers. It helps when you need to determine if they have come through since the latest time you read their tracks.

As they settled down to wait, they saw a man whistling and beckoning to others who were out of their line of vision, followed by Border Patrol Agents who had agreed to let them help force illegals into an ambush by pursuing them down the wooded path.

But when an agent turned around and saw a member of the trio named Jesus, so nicknamed because of his flowing hair and beard, armed with an AK-47, he fired five rounds at him.

Things came to a screeching halt, and the agents detained K.C., Wolf, and Jesus for 5 hours before Sheriff’s officers made a decision to confiscate their weapons and a video camera in an investigation of the shooting incident. Meanwhile, the smugglers ostensibly went their merry way.

Now, Massey, who is facing the prospect of court action in order to get his weapons back from the Sheriff’s Office, feels that the entire affair was “orchestrated.”

He is a rangy building tradesman from North Texas who has been on volunteer border patrol for three months, six weeks at the Southmost location in “no man’s land,” in territory between the border fence and the river that is equally claimed by law men, outlaws, and volunteers looking to slow down human and drug trafficking.

Massey has obviously reached the flinty-eyed, tight-jawed affect of exasperation many patriots evince when they are frustrated in their efforts to see to it their government complies with the powers that guarantee the security and safety of U.S. citizens under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution.

In this exclusive interview, he tells of his suspicion of what, exactly, has landed him in a court battle to persuade the government to return his firearms.

“I think they wanted to make sure we weren’t able to be in that corridor,” Massey said when quizzed about the irony that the first shots fired in this particular border dispute came from a government agent who fired in reaction to the fact that a citizen showed up armed on private property where he was invited to patrol. A judge will have to decide if Jesus, who has been “off paper” for five years following a felony conviction, is indeed authorized to keep and bear arms.

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To live in no man’s land


“Rusty Monsees”

“Southmost” – Brownsville, Texas – Cuban Alfredo Monsees lives in “no man’s land,”  a neighborhood the locals jokingly call “the gated community,” which lies between the Rio Grande and the fabled border wall, cut off from America by a tall fence of steel pickets that cuts through his land.

He’s lived on his grandfather’s 34-acre farm most of his life. His father rode with Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata, raiding and skirmishing along the Texas border because, “He knew that if there is no middle class, there is no possibility the people of Mexico may accumulate wealth.” A rotund, russet-colored man, “Rusty” is 66 and lives on about $750 per month in Social Security benefits.

According to tax information posted on-line, its agricultural use value is $2,703; agricultural market value is $21,966; land value, $13,000; building value $13,534; total value for property, $26,534; land type, “improved pasture.”

His speech is peppered with references to individuals he identifies only as “an agent,” men who gather intelligence for “an agency,” and his conversation is the type of well-informed narrative one would expect from a scion of a family he describes as “gypsies,” people who lost numerous relatives to both the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Dachau, as well as to the machine guns of Soviet troops in the 1956 uprising of  youthful Hungarians at Budapest.


A surveillance “tower” at the Monsees farm

He and a force of about a dozen armed, volunteer citizen soldiers who refer to themselves as “patriot volunteers” and eschew the term of “militia,” keep a vigil at this outpost along the levee in an ox bow of the meandering river, sandwiched between a wildlife refuge and a neighborhood of modest homes. In all, he estimates that about 300 people live outside the fence, a population that controls about 30,000 acres of agricultural land that stretches from the outskirts of Brownsville to the outfall of the river at the Gulf of Mexico.

Here, in a subtropical climate of “two summers,” farmers produce crops of cotton, strawberries, citrus, produce, and grain in the rich alluvial soil irrigated by wells and canals.

The gated community

The levee near the 4300 block of Monsees Rd.

Human traffickers and drug smugglers controlled by “CDG,” the “cartel del golfo,” cross the Monsees farm on a routine basis, whenever the Border Patrol and Customs agents aren’t watching, according to Rusty, who says he sees soldiers dressed in the uniforms of Mexican Marines, Iranian guards, Albanian soldiers, as well as Hamas an ISIS activists.

Refugees can scale the iron pickets in “less than a minute,” he says. He’s watched them on a daily basis. He scoffs at government claims that in the year prior to the fence’s erection, 90,000 apprehensions were made, followed by an improved record of 150,000 once the iron barrier went up.

He points to the numerous scuff marks left on the rusty iron by the shoes of illegal immigrants.


Footprints on a Wall

The going rate for a stolen child sold into sex slavery in brothels located anywhere from Matamoros to Asian and European capitals trips off his tongue.  According to “an agent” for a government intelligence outfit, 15 children have been abducted this year from local neighborhoods. “They know exactly where a kid is sleeping in the house,” he says. Two have been returned, ransomed by contributions of concerned citizens and family.

It’s not a pretty picture. Last week, a tipster told one of the band of patriot guardsmen that a coyote for the cartel would be bringing a group across the river. They would cross at a wildlife refuge nearby. When the men witnessed the crossing, he explains, Border Patrol Agents detained them for the Sheriff of Cameron County, who confiscated their weapons and a video camera. “So far, they haven’t gotten them back,” says Rusty.

Typical, he explains, of the way things are in Southmost, this incident is only one of a hundred daily occurrences amongst people whose family pedigrees he can recite at will, where they played their football, went to school, who they married. He recalls that just downriver, there is a large landowner who is left in peace by the Gulf cartel and its enforcers, the feared band of ex-special forces soldiers, los Zetas, because, “He keeps his mouth shut about when the loads are coming through.” He explains that he, himself, is ranked eighth on the list of Southmost border dwellers who have a price on their heads.

How does he know? An “agent” has confirmed it, he declares.

To watch a video interview, follow this link:  http://youtu.be/L1JG1Xc2kbM

According to K.C. Massey, commander of the band of patriot soldiers, the man whom agents fired upon, a youthful soldier named “Jesus,” has been cited by government agents and Texas authorities as a known felon. He claims the young man has been “off paper” for the requisite five years, that Texas law sees him as a man fully restored to his civil rights. It’s a matter pending in the courts. A judge will decide.

Brownsville Fence

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