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Albany, New York – John Darash has a plan – a modest proposal to indict every Court in every jurisdiction in every state of the U.S.

Working through the National Liberty Alliance, Darash has composed a “True Bill of Information” that he intends to send to 1,900 federal judges and magistrates with a list of particulars worked out by he and a Common Law Grand Jury convened in the Northern District of New York.

It is a breathtaking document, to say the least, its key concepts springing from a hodge lodge of common law, including the Magna Carta of 1215, key King’s Bench decisions, and such venerable legal concepts as handed down in cases such as Marbury v. Madison.

One of the central tenets of the reasoning is that the state has no true jurisdiction to rule over individuals who have been “kidnapped” to appear.

Courts “not of record” are actually chancery courts, he says, and not common law courts. As such, they are “a conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America.”

Though the U.S. Constitution designates a Supreme Court of the United States and such courts as Congress may create from time to time, he charges “high treason in the creation of U.S. District Courts.”

It won’t be cheap, Darash told his followers, a nationwide throng of men and women listening in on Monday, August 4 in a conference call. In fact, handling and postage will run $3 apiece for the 15-page mailing – for a total of $6,000.

But it’s a small price to pay, he reasons, when the entire system of courts has been created “to fleece the people of the United States.”

Though he reckons federal courts have yet to fail entirely, he holds that the system of state courts have.  “The entire judicial system within the United States has failed.”

To hear him reading his bill of information indicting all jurisdictions in the nation for high treason, follow this link:

To read the writ in .pdf format, follow this link:

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