Libertarians name FFL for Justice Court race

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Gary Cunha, Esq., licensed attorney and Federal Firearms Licensee

Six Shooter Junction – The internet ads started appearing in December of 2012. Use me, I’m a Federal Firearms Licensee and my address is in this office building on the courthouse square, a place where mainly lawyers hang out their shingles.

The advertiser keeps in inventory certain loads with heavyweight bullets in chamberings that are hard to find due to demand – .38 special, .45 ACP, and the like – and will receive for a fee a shipment of a firearm from a third party on behalf of an unlicensed citizen.

That would be Gary Cunha, attorney at law and a candidate for Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, Place 1, following the Libertarian Party’s action last night of nominating him for the position. It wouldn’t have been necessary had the GOP members of the McLennan County Commissioners Court not disenfranchised voters by redistricting the Justice Court Precincts – after the primary elections. According to the law, those elected should be allowed to finish out their terms, but the Republicans have other ideas. No one is entitled to a public office, saith McLennan County Republican Chairman Ralph Patterson.

Cunha was one of 21 candidates who asked for the appointment to succeed long-time County Judge Jim Lewis after his precipitous and surprising resignation.

Now he’s one of five people vying for the general election victory that will put him on the bench in one of the five remaining Justice of the Peace and Constable precincts  following the sudden redistricting foisted on the public by the GOP.

All this was done in the sacrosanct name of saving money, according to Tea Party co-founder and newcomer on the court, Will Jones, a Texas Lotto millionaire who got himself elected to take old-line West Democrat and liquor salesman Joe Mashek’s place on the court.

Said Cunha of his nomination: “It was lawyers all along that held down these Justice Court benches.” Probably true. He will be running against a new-born operative and non-lawyer Republican club lady who edged multi-term attorney Kristi DeCluitt.

Other candidates tapped by the Libertarians include: J. Douglas Froneberger, Clinton Chase, and David Reichert.

Squire Froneberger is the old chap who discovered that convicted felons are practicing medicine under the auspices of the licensing authorities of the State of Texas, and made a big stink about it on the Metromess television stations. Hear. Hear.

And the floggings will no doubt continue until morale improves.

Very well. That is all. – The Legendary

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