Of a one-man crime wave

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One man, one dog…a helicopter…

Valley Mills – Sgt. Randy Threlkeld knows his people, and he knows Brad Taylor as a man with rabbit in his blood. “He’s a runner,” he said, minutes after he and other officers rousted the 37-year-old, 220-pound six-footer out of the woods behind a trailer where an informant said he could be found last Thursday night, May 29.

He’s run from the law previously, so he’s charged with the enhancement of a prior conviction for the offense – along with robbery, and obstruction or retaliation – in Bosque County.

There are two other warrants for Taylor’s arrest  obtained by the Waco police, and Sgt. Threlkeld found out he could apprehend him at a residence on “the hill,” an area of Valley Mills heavily populated with the family of pro ball player Barry Sadler, last Tuesday.

True to form, Taylor made a run for it and gave K-9 officers and patrolmen the slip.

Lot #9 on Green Meadow Circle is part of Misty Valley Trailer Park. It backs up to a creek.

In the tense moments before the inevitable knock on the door, Deputy Kyle Williams of the Bosque County Sheriff’s Office took up his station at the rear door of the trailer – just in case Taylor decided to make his usual escape out the back.

According to Sgt. Threlkeld, he could see a white man and a black man he knew has Taylor making tracks for the back door, but Taylor couldn’t get the door open.

That’s when he head the door break with a loud crack, and Taylor tumbled out into the bushes, headed for the creek bed. K-9 Buck bit his pants leg, holding him in place while Deputy Williams shot him with his Taser. A Department of Public Safety helicopter kept the heavily wooded area lit up like a baseball diamond all the while as passersby stopped their cars on the highway to watch and hundreds of people stood around in the trailer park keeping the cops and their quarry under close scrutiny.

When Taylor tried to get up and run again, he only made it 10 feet before the deputy gave him another jolt.

That’s when he gave up, and they slapped the cuffs on him.

It was only then that the deputy noticed he was bleeding from numerous cuts and scratches he got flying through the bushes in pursuit of Taylor. Both he and the suspect were treated at Goodall-Witcher Hospital in Clifton – Deputy Williams to head for the cop shop to finish his reports, and Taylor for the lock-up and an appointment with the Magistrate.

He is held under three $50,000 bonds for a total of $150,000, and considered a flight risk. Two other charges await him at Waco.

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