Feds lock horns – West evidence blocked by ATF

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West, Texas – Think of it this way. If you were the King or Emperor, wouldn’t you prefer to have subordinate agencies fighting with each other for influence rather than a cohesive power base beneath your station that could easily rise up and attack, depose you, cause a need for abdication?

From the minute the Adair Seed Co., doing business as West Fertilizer, blew sky high in a burnt orange mushroom cloud in April, 2013, taking fifteen lives, damaging 200 homes, three schools and injuring hundreds, there was an unreal air of secrecy about nearly everything connected to this weird event.

Let’s start with the wildly varying and ridiculously inaccurate estimates of the death toll and damages. Everyone from CNN to “The Daily News” of New York, the Washington “Post,” and the Wall Street “Journal” got into the act, and they all used the same sequence of numbers – 160, 16, 600, and no, not 666 – that totally enigmatic sequence used when hard changes come on Satanic holidays, or when it’s totally apparent that the media d’mainstream is on a fishing trip because 1) no one knows, and 2) the authorities aren’t telling.

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Indeed, they were. You couldn’t talk to officials, ask questions, look around, take pictures – or do much of anything else. And it didn’t feel good, no matter how down-home and friendly the good old boy map salesman put it with a chuckle in his voice. Stinks to be on top of a big story and get absolutely nowhere because of a bunch of hardheaded cops.

But it was a crime scene that revealed no crime, and few clues as to why the fire and explosion occurred, and that’s simple enough to understand. The ATF and State Fire Marshal’s Office ordered in bulldozers, trucks and trailers, cranes and loaders to haul off the scrap. They blocked any investigation by other agencies such as the U.S. Chemical Safety Board.

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Safety Board says law enforcement nationwide …watchdogblog.dallasnews.com/…/cheThe Dallas Morning News

by Reese DunklinMay 23, 2013 – Updated, 7:15 P.M.: I’ve received a Chemical Safety Board … the country have hampered its work investigating deadly chemical industrial accidents. … The state and ATFattempted to fully cooperate,” even so, and cited examples: … evidence and keep other agencies from blocking access to records.

Federal chemical safety agency complains of lack of access …The Dallas Morning News

by Todd Gillmanin 64 Google+ circles

May 21, 2013 – The agency probing the fertilizer blast in West says turf fights with other … The U.S. Chemical Safety Board, in a letter released Tuesday, accused the … Firearms and Explosives of hampering its work by blocking access to key … and his team gain access to debris and other evidence removed by ATF and …

www.nbcdfw.com › newslocal

National Chemical Safety Board Says ATF Investigators …

May 22, 2013 – Safety Board Says ATF Blocking West Probe … injured about 200 others, hampering its investigation, the panel’s chairman said. … However, a Boxer spokeswoman said the senator had asked the agencies to respond … In his letter, Moure-Eraso said the board sent 18 investigators and other experts to West …

ATF Accused Of Blocking Investigation Of West Explosion …


May 22, 2013 – It’s among the lead agencies investigating the fire and explosion at the West … The U.S. Chemical Safety Board is required by federal statute to conduct … Moure-Eraso says the ATF actually turned away two board members, …

Agencies accused of blocking West blast probe – Houston …

May 21, 2013 – The ATF removed key chemical evidence from the site without consulting the … Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board – often found itself on the outside … Coast Guard and other agencies took charge of the investigation. … wrong, the board has yet to conclude its investigation and issue its findings.

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And then there was the story propagated by independent insurance adjuster Cynthia Colvin-Montgomery (“We work for you not the insurance company”).

Ms. Montgomery is a former ship fumigator who has extensive experience with pest control on seed grain-hauliing ships in the Port of Houston. She claims that an electrician who sought her services worked earlier on the day of the blast to determine the cause of a fire in the area where the explosion later took place.

There was damage to an electrical circuit when a battery charger for a golf cart went out of whack, she said. The man had delayed his repair to prepare an estimate, she said.

ATF officials later repeatedly denied there was any truth to it, but did acknowledge that there were pieces of the golf cart found as far away as two miles, indicating the buggy was near the epicenter of the explosion, and that it was a possibility that the problem may have arisen in electrical circuitry in the building.

Finally, a check of law enforcement records revealed that there were hundreds of break-ins and intrusions at the plant over a period of decades that yielded pilferers quantities of anhydrous ammonia for making meth, vehicles they stole, components for agricultural equipment, heavy machinery, computers – and the like.

There were no burglar or fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fences, video – nothing to say go away, stay away, this means you.

And then there was the abortive “press conference” in the County Commissioners Chamber in which the McLennan County Disaster Coordinator stonewalled, backpedaled, and managed to avoid answering a single question while the county’s attorney snarled and threatened, and County Commissioner Will Jones sat by and looked pretty.

The media – national, local and metromess – departed wailing and with a gnashing of teeth.

Now comes the Chemical Safety Board and says the entire thing was avoidable. A fire protection system would have seen to that, but who knows how it started, why, or where?

No one.


Because the ATF and State Fire Marshals office had bulldozers and front end loaders, cranes, and trucks take all the debris away before they let the other investigators on board the “crime scene.” For Pete’s sake. I am sincere. I have spoken.– The Legendary

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