Boomtown call to arms

Boomtown Truck Stop

NOTICE: Patriots interested in occupying the Texas-Mexican border, call 580-726-1300 and enter 639939# to get further instructions and information

I am being taxed to provide benefits for people who do not deserve them, benefits I cannot afford for myself and family.” – a militiaman

Encinal, Texas – Torrential rain poured from the heavens as Soldier 1 and Soldier 2, both of them Oathkeepers, fielded phone calls from a 24/7 hotline for militiamen seeking to answer a Call to Arms at this border outpost, a truck stop at the 39 mile marker, just north of Laredo.

Their mission: “Close down Laredo Crossing…” The Facebook proclamation was headed “ACTION ALERT,” and it went up live on computer screens nationwide on Wednesday evening.

It’s axiomatic in Texas politics that when great periods of agitation begin over border disputes at the Rio Grande, war soon follows, whether the war is in Europe (1913), the interior of Mexico (1846), or America (1861-65) .

As pathfinders, the Oath Keepers are here to assist fellow citizen soldiers to find their way to this ultra-busy corner of the oil patch, where cross-border truck traffic keeps the highway hot, ordinary motel rooms go for $300 per night, and the world has come to a once-barren stretch of prairie dominated by mesquite and javelina, white tail and coyotes – and not much else.

It’s a hot box of illegal border crossings, this area northwest of Laredo where people from Mexico wait for transportation to spirit them on the next leg of their journey. It’s nothing new. It always was the kind of place where you saw locomotives stopped on sidetracks, the trains behind them brightly lit by Border Patrol searchlights as brown people ran through the brush in mad dashes for freedom.

Now they wait in the brush amid injection wells, brine ponds, mud yards, strings of pipe, drilling and makeover rigs.

The Oath Keepers, who are sworn to keep their original vow as members of the Armed Forces to protect the Constitution of the United States “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” stepped in, answering a nationwide call to arms when the Texas Militia left in a huff earlier in the week and declared in Facebook statements that they are “washing their hands” of the border because Texas authorities won’t let them do much more than housekeeping and hospitality tasks – fetching bottles of water, policing the grounds of trash and carrying messages – in their quest to keep undocumented aliens from making illegal border crossings.

It’s a task for which Governor Rick Perry, a lame duck looking to crack the presidential primaries in 2014, and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who failed in a bid for re-election, declared they are prepared to spend millions. Their mission, to stanch the abnormally large flow of aliens from Mexico into Texas towns. They have ordered a “surge” of Department of Public Safety troopers to fall in on the border and catch undocumented aliens in the act of cross in Rio Grande, then turn them in to lockups operated for the Border Patrol and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Division (ICE) of the Department of Homeland Security. The federal government, tasked with the job by the U.S. Constitution, is clearly unable to handle it, they both declared.

Up for grabs, a hot and heavy immigration reform package that has the body politic in this oil-rich, business-friendly state frothing at the mouth.

Internet agitators have people believing that ICE Agents are stuffing cash into the hands of bus operators to take undocumented aliens fresh from Texas jails into other areas of the nation.

Can they prove it? Yes.

How? No one is really sure. It was on the internet. Oh.

Obama did it. Who else? One sees, as the blind man, when he really couldn’t see.

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara went on the air in an early morning Waco talk show to explain that his department did not provide security at a summer camp normally used for Jewish children after ICE agents housed undocumented alien Mexican children who have crossed the border illegally. The deputies were either paid by the federal government for their work, or they chose to volunteer their services, he told his audience.

There was a sense of urgency in the early morning broadcast.

It was aimed at an audience primed by a week-long campaign of accounts of bus operators taking money to ship the Mexican kids to towns deeper In the interior of America. Again, no one offered any real proof. It just goes with the territory in a state that seems to despise all things liberal.

Soldier 1 – he is loathe to use either his nom de guerre, or his real name, fearing reprisal from the Department of Homeland Security – asks a rhetorical question, as he pauses between phone calls he fields at a corner table in a fast food franchise at the truck stop.

You know, the only thing the Constitution limits is the power of the federal government. A state can order you to wear pink polka dots on Tuesdays, and if you refuse, they can shoot paint balls at you. If you don’t like it, what can you do? You can move,” he says in a bemused tone.

No passport required to move from state to state, inside the borders of the nation, his listener says.

He chuckles, nods, pauses, answers another phone call from someone looking for the way to get to the rendezvous.

Returning to his original thought, he adds, “How terrible was old King George, anyway? Folks had a functional society, but they didn’t have representation and they passed a three-percent tax…Today, every dollar is taxed at the rate of 64 cents. That’s in the poverty level.”

We leave him with this question. Everyone involved in the continuing dialogue over illegal immigration, unconstitutional federal power grabs, taxation, they all are firmly convinced that something is going to happen. They’re not sure exactly what, but they are sure it’s going to happen and that’s when “shit hits the fan.”

He thinks for a moment, sighs, and says, “If you’re white; you believe you deserve to own property; you don’t want the government running your life – you’re a very dangerous person.  According to the federal government, you need to go to jail!”

Soldier 2 speaks up and says, with a grin, “If you love the constitution, you are the most dangerous person in the world – for tyranny and tyrants.”

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