No spanking for judge?

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Judge Elizabeth Coker

Knowledgeable ethics experts such as Jim Alfini of South Texas College of Law are watching the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct closely to see what action will be taken toward District Judge Kaycee Jones of the 411th Court in Polk, Trinity and San Jacinto Counties.

Texting suggested questions for a witness under examination by a prosecutor has already cost Judge Elizabeth Coker her judgeship. The State Bar stopped short of a permanent reprimand for Judge Jones. She will be required to place a notice of her part in the violation of the ex parte rule for judges hearing a cause over the next 10 years only. A grievance committee found cause to enter the reprimand on a finding that Jones relayed Coker’s questions to the prosecutor in a child injury case.

Alfini, et. al., are wondering if the commission should not examine Judge Jones’ fitness to be a judge at all.

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