Cops roust robber in K-9 chase – ‘He’s a rabbit…’

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Valley Mills, TX – A foot chase through this hilly central Texas community on Hwy6, 25 miles northwest of Waco, left dozens of motorists gawking beside the cars they left parked in the road as a DPS helicopter combed the woods looking for a man wanted on armed robbery and other as yet unspecified charges.

Brad Taylor, a black man, is known as “a rabbit,” according to Officer Randy Threlkeld. He has an extensive history of running from officers when they are ready apprehend him on arrest warrants.

Wanted on multiple charges in McLennan and Bosque Counties, he evaded capture on Tuesday evening in a neighborhood of Valley Mills called “The Hill,” as deputies and K-9 units chased him, then lost the trail. That episode attracted nationwide attention on “America’s Most Wanted.” The neighborhood known as “The Hill” is heavily populated with members of professional baseball player Barry Sadler’s family.

At about 10:30 p.m. Friday night, acting on a tip from a confidential informant, Threlkeld learned Taylor was back in the neighborhood of Misty Lane Trailer Park, and the hounds were back in business as a sleek helicopter ran an expanding search pattern with its eye in the sky spotlight ablaze, criss crossing the wooded areas on both sides of the highway.

When he was brought to bay, clad only in gym shorts, the bottoms of his feet, which were covered by white athletic socks, were bloodied from his chase through the wooded area as ambulance attendants placed him on a stretcher to transport him to emergency care.

Perhaps a hundred residents of the trailer park stood by watching as lawmen questioned their quarry about his intentions as he led them on their chase through the woods.

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