M/Sgt CJ Grisham, blogger, combat vet – is a PTSD victim in treatment

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M/Sgt. C.J. Grisham is an activist GI from Temple who gained fame when he went out and purposely got himself busted for carrying his locked, loaded AR-15,  and for leading Open Carry rallies at the State Capitol, the Alamo, and all over Texas. He has authored a blog called “A Soldier’s Perspective” since 2005, contributed to “Doonesbury,” and this is an excerpt from his farewell installment to “The Sand Box.”

If you’re a feeling, thinking human being, you should read this. This is just a sample… – The Legendary

…So, with a heavy heart, I gathered my troops around and tearfully explained to them that I was stepping down as First Sergeant. 

If I’m going to stand up here and tell you it’s okay to get help,” I told them. “I have to be willing to get help myself.”

I’m forever grateful to my commander at the time, who understood and supported what I was doing. And my wife couldn’t have been more supportive.

It had been six years since I was attached to 3/7 Cavalry in the 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) for the main assault into Iraq on the evening of March 19, 2003. Our task was to perform a hook maneuver and scout ahead of the division. We raced northwest to Al Salman, then made the sharp right turn towards As Samawah. Salman was a hilly, peaceful place. It was apparent the Iraq military never thought we’d head that way. We had a few small skirmishes, but no damage or injuries were sustained. The biggest problem we had was getting our vehicles through the rugged terrain.

Samawah would be the first time I had to fire a weapon at another human. It wasn’t pretty either. The mujahidin were infesting Samawah. We had outpaced most of the Division, so the fighting largely rested with us. They played dirty, using human shields as they fired their AK47s on full auto while resting the weapons on the shoulders of women who were bleeding from their ears from the sound. It’s hard enough to kill a human enemy; it’s even harder having to kill an innocent person in order to do so…

PS: At the time the Temple P.D. Captured him, Sgt. Grisham and his son Chris were patrolling farm land owned by members of his extended family to let meth cooks know he has his stuff, and he will use it if they don’t stop stealing the anhydrous ammonia that is intended for fertilization of cotton and maize crops… – The Legendary

To read more, click here:http://gocomics.typepad.com/the_sandbox/2014/04/resetting-ptsd-symptoms-cj-grisham.html

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