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Oklahoma City – A small but but growing vocal minority thrilled to the news that the legislature voted out a bill that would nullify the effects of the international sustainability program known as Agenda 21 by labeling the unratified UN treaty unconstitutional in this state.

The Oklahoma Community Protection Act still has to pass through a committee of the state Senate to come to the floor of the upper chamber. If made law, HB2807 would prohibit any state agency or political subdivision from adopting or implementing “policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe upon or restrict private property rights without due process.”

The new law would void any previous commitments made under Agenda 21 or any similar program.

controversial 1992 agreement, Agenda 21 first gained recognition at the UN’s Conference on Environmental and Devlopment in Rio de Janeiro, where President George H.W. Bush signed off on its wide ranging program designed as a from the bottom up “back door” strategy that allows local governments to exert tremendous influence on property owners through eminent domain condemnations, severe restrictions of property rights as to development, environmental regulations that were never promulgated through constitutional means, and binds individuals to international agreements without due process of law.

The catch is this. The U.S. Senate never ratified the treaty, and constitutionalists who demand a strict construction of the document point to strictures against the enforcement of any international agreement or treaty without Congressional approval.

Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution guarantees that taxpayers will not have to meet any obligations of debt that were not approved by the Congress, and that’s why the Oklahoma bill exempts the people from any debts incurred under Agenda 21 programs, as well as any rules promulgated under the bogus authority. The bill reads, “… the Oklahoma Community Protection Act,would prohibit any state agency or political subdivision from adopting or implementing policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe upon or restrict private property rights without due process.”

 It furthermore provides, “any debt or commitment to an international or federal entity whereby the citizens did not have the ability to exercise their constitutional rights shall be considered null and void.”

In Texas, numerous cities, among them Garland, McKinney, and College Station, have outlawed Agenda 21 programs.

In other cities, people find that the bureaucrats are using Agenda 21 programs for revenue enhancement. Nightmare scenarios such as the one Paul Hunt and his wife faced after an extended trip to Louisiana rear their ugly heads on a daily basis. The Hunts learned two years after the fact in 2012 that their grass had grown to 12 inches in 2010 and they had been cited in absentia for an alleged code violation. They now owed the Municipal Court of the City of Corpus Christi a whopping $2,600 in punitive fines and court costs, according to a summons.

There are other schemes available to local governments, and that’s why we invited the Hunts to appear today on to talk about their consciousness raising activities to more or less pull peoples’ coats to the problem.

As “Pop” Hunt wrote, “’You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.’ It is also true that ‘You can lead a whore to culture but, you can’t make her think.’ I will help any one I can, but I cannot do everyone’s thinking for them. If they want to win, they must grab this bull by the horns and fight like their life depended on it … because it does.”

He describes a process of fighting a criminal lawsuit in municipal court that has stripped him of the right to due process by denying discovery of the witnesses and evidence against him, as well as notification of the precise nature of the violation, in the absence of a charge, for an extended period of time – with no way to address those allegations in a timely manner.

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