Raid 80-percenter shop

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Oceanside, CA – BATFE agents raided an armorer in this seaside town beside the front gate to the Marines Corps’ Camp Pendleton, seeking records on which of the company’s 5,000 customers have bought 80 percent finished lower receivers for AR-15 rifles, bolt carrier groups, and semi-completed receivers for .45 cal. ACP pistols.

The Saturday raid came in violation of a temporary restraining order the owners of Ares Armor sought and obtained in court on Wednesday after raising objections to turning over information on their customer base to government inspectors.

Many consumers obtain the semi-complete receivers, then finish the machine work on them through the use of plans, jigs that align holes and areas in which excess metal is to be removed, and through the use of drill presses or milling machines.

In spite of the incomplete state of the receivers, BATFE officials classify them as firearms.

Owners of the business were able to stop the bureau’s inspectors from raiding their business right outside their door on Thursday, but when they returned on Saturday, the scene became strained as the inspectors rummaged around in the filing cabinets, confiscated computers, and inventory.

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