On engineering an ‘irrelevant’ vote

Will Jones

Waco – Desperate to deliver on a campaign promise, first-term Tea Party member of the County Commissioners Court Will Jones quizzed the Elections Supervisor closely about the relevancy of a Justice of the Peace primary last Tuesday.

Jones and at least two other members of the court are looking to cut a minimum of one JP precinct – maybe two – to realize some minimal cut in expenses.

So they waited until a few days after the deadline for filing for the Primary election as a GOP candidate, then announced plans to study a redistricting plan that would guarantee them a chance to appoint the member Justices of the Peace in the wake of the resignation of Precinct 7 Judge Jean Laster Boone. Boone resigned after admitting to falsifying government documents in a crooked scheme to make double entries on employee overtime hours. She stepped down in October and Judge Pete Peterson took over her duties. A retired Highway Patrolman, he was recently appointed following the retirement of Judge Billy Martin, a retired DEA agent.

In questioning the County Elections Supervisor and Herb Bristow, the lawyer who advises the Court of these matters, Jones made sure he understood that the primary election will be “irrelevant” and “mute” (sic) if events transpire as planned.

To hear their remarks, listen to the audio: 

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